2011 Women’s Premier League Standings & Schedule

Welcome to another year of the Women’s Premier League! The conferences changed around a bit from last year, as they are dependent on the finish order at Nationals. Also, ORSU dropped down to D1 and the San Diego Surfers have moved up to the WPL.

“The teams remain united in their cooperative effort to continually raise the level of play and each and every team has fulfilled it’s commitment to meeting the greater requirements and expectations at the WPL level. We anticipate that every team will come out of the gates hard, looking to compete for the championship in November and we expect an even more competitive season than last year.” USA Rugby High Performance Manager, Alex Williams.

YSC Reporters
Whew! All teams have a reporter, look for match reports each Monday!

USA Rugby News Blasts
The USAR News Blasts will not be going to all USA Rugby members, you have to sign up for them specifically. Sign Up for Women’s Premier League News Blasts from USA Rugby here.

Match Videos
Matches from all of the games will again be uploaded to the YSC Vimeo Channel, check back a few days after the match and check the match report for the video.

2011 Schedule and Standings

2010 Standings
2009 Standings


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  1. Keystone’s points are incorrect.  There should be a bonus point for each of the win’s this weekend, and 3 wins x 4 pts per win should be 12.  12 +2 = 14 total points.

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