WPL Challenge Match Results and Match [VIDEO]

Wendy and The Girl braving the wind, rain and freezing temperatures to video tape the match.
Minnesota and Glendale descended down on Austin yesterday in perhaps the worst rain storm in nine months. Ok, its the only significant rainstorm we have had since the drought started in early spring…and it was a doozy. Luckily there was no lightening so the match was not delayed, and kicked off on time. Minnesota started off quick and put five points on the board right off the kick off. Glendale was slow to respond but once they did, it was all Glendale, all the time. Half time score was 17-5, Glendale and the full time score was 53-5 Glendale.

The WPL welcomes its newest WPL team, the Glendale Raptors. D1 Club rugby welcomes the Minnesota Valkyries who will participate in the CR2 League.

Match Video

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