#WRWC2017 – Day 1

2017 Women's Rugby World CupWelcome to the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup! We’ll be live blogging each match, refresh this page to get updates.

On day 1 we have SIX matches, click on each one to jump to the recap:

England vs Spain – 8:00am CST

8:00AM: Anthems are done and England and Spain are ready!

England roster

Spain roster

8:01AM: Amy Barrett is the referee for this match. What an honor to have the first match of the tournament!

8:04AM: ENG with a quick start as Megan Jones blows through the defense to score. Mclean slots the conversion. 7-0.

8:06AM: Almost another one by ENG but knocked on at the line.

8:09AM: ENG scrum is like a train and Kay Wilson taps it down. Mclean slots the conversion from the corner. 14-0.

8:13AM: Spain is keeping their defenders out of the ruck in an effort to have more players available on defense. Here’s their first chance at offense as England is offsides.

8:15AM: Lydia Thompson of England has another break and cover defense barely gets her.

8:22AM: Spain has two players off for concussion protocol, subs on.

8:24AM: Katy Mclean is masterful and kick passes right to Katy Wilson. BEAUTIFUL! 19-0 ENG.

8:28AM: Spain is moving the ball nicely now, their 7s players are opening up. OHH, cherry pick by England!

8:30AM: Back and forth play but ends in a knock on. Spain is having some moments of attack here.

8:31AM: Maria Riberia is back on the pitch having cleared her concussion protocol.

8:33AM: Mclean has been phenomenal on defense and offense so far today. Her experience can’t be replaced!

8:37AM: A small delay for an injury but we are back underway with an English LO.

8:38AM: Wilson with a BIG hit gets a hat trick! Gorgeous ball from Waterman. 24-0 ENG

8:42AM: A quick kick by Patricia Garcia and just like that Spain is on the board! Diana Gasso gets the honor. 24-5

8:46AM: Waterman under pressure as Spain surrounds her. Quick ball to the forwards…

8:47AM: Halftime ENG 24 ESP 5. England looking strong but Spain are as scrappy as ever! Can they spoil?

8:59AM: Second half has started, ENG is back to normal form.

9:00AM: Another swift move by the England backline and Emily Scarratt is over this time. 29-5

9:04AM: P Garcia is all over the place as expected but sometimes a bit hard to anticipate by her teammates.

9:07AM: Spain getting penalized a bit here at the ruck. England choose a scrum (no surprise!).

9:08AM: England is patient after a good scrum and their forwards push it over. Try goes to Harriet Millar-Mills. 34-5 to ENG.

9:12AM: More of the same, have to think with 53 minutes gone that England have this in the bag. But never say never from Spain!

9:13AM: Just like that England gets another score from Wilson. 39-5 ENG.

9:15AM: A few subs from each team, ENG: Matthews for Hunter; Mason for Riley; Mason for Mclean. ESP: R Garcia for Vinueza; Ahis for Corres.

9:18AM: England LO on Spain’s 5M but it looks like Spain has spoiled, going to the TMO.

9:20AM: England charged down the clearing kick but the second player appears to have knocked it on..

9:21AM: WOW, TMO says TRY! ENG 44 ESP 5.

9:26AM: Spain has some great defense and causes another knock on. Spain scrum.

9:28AM: England on the attack again but Spain knocks away another try attempt.

9:29AM: England LO is over the line and Amy Cokayne mauls it over with her forwards. ENG 51 ESP 5.

9:36AM: England tacks on another one with a nice break from Lydia Thompson. ENG 56 ESP 5.

9:40AM: We agree with the commentators, Spain never gives up and their strength is their passion and heart.

9:45AM: Fulltime: ENG 56 ESP 5.

New Zealand vs Wales – 8:45am CST

8:45AM: Anthems for New Zealand and Wales have finished, kick off in a moment!

New Zealand roster

Wales roster

8:48AM: And the second match of the tournament has kicked off!

8:54AM: Portia Woodman scores the first try of the match! Counterattack through the entire line to score.

8:59AM: A small break for an injury of Wales #5.

9:00AM: New Zealand gets a penalty right in front of the post. They call for a scrum.

9:01AM: Quick scrum but Wales holds off New Zealand.

9:02AM: High tackle by Wales as they work to stop a break from Nafatali.

9:03AM: Wales stifle New Zealand again at the LO by sacking.

9:05AM: Another attempt at a kick pass and Wales calls for a mark. Will they look at the challenge in the air?

9:06AM: Wales under penalty again and they get a chat. Almost all have been in the red zone.

9:07AM: Kick for touch is missed and Wales take the scrum up.

9:09AM: Lots of KOs but referee allowing advantage. Wales on the attack now…

9:10AM: Wales with a bit of space but a HUGE hit and the ball is spilled. NZ on the run now.

9:11AM: The huge hit was the difference as new Zealand turned that turnover into a try. Waaka is over. 10-0 NZL.

9:14AM: Evans of Wales starts a break and Thomas keeps it going! Wales over their halfway line on the attack.

9:15AM: Wales with a patient forwards attack. Kick over the top and New Zealand counters.

9:17AM: New Zealand scrum isn’t looking very strong as Wales pressure causes them to crumble.

9:18AM: Another penalty against NZL and you can’t help but hear the crowd scream in support!

9:19AM: Wales is using their forwards to march down the pitch. They are inside NZL’s 22m for the first time of the match.

9:20AM: Wales is 2M out and using their forwards to pick and drive…

9:21AM: Wales throwing everything at this, scrum to them as no advantage gained on the KO by New Zealand.

9:23AM: TMO is checking for foul play, a deliberate KO by Portia Woodman.

9:23AM: A tough call as it does look like Woodman is making a tackle. TMO agrees. Play on.

9:25AM: Wales scrum is strong and NZL attempts to turn, penalty as Goss comes off early.

9:25AM: Wales calls for the scrum again and they take it off the back. Penalty against Wales for sealing!

9:27AM: New Zealand LO is sneaky as the hooker slips through the middle of the maul. Wickliffe with the pace and she is over. NZL 15 0 WAL.

9:31AM: Wales causing a turnover and they try an inside switch but are smashed by the NZL defense.

9:32AM: Big turnover as Wickliffe picks the pass and goes 60m to dive over the line. NZL 20 WAL 0.

9:33AM: Halftime New Zealand 20 Wales 0. The score doesn’t show the heart that Wales has shown in the first half!

9:50AM: Winiata with a kick ahead but can’t gather it. Wales try to counter but New Zealand strips it but goes into touch. Wales LO.

9:52AM: Great lift and throw, Wales look to maul but collapse it.

9:54AM: Wow, the replay shows that that was deliberate offsides and collapse.

9:55AM: Messy ball for Wales and Brazier kicks it ahead. She is able to gather and gets it out to Woodman who notches her second score. NZL 25 WAL 0.

9:58AM: Small break for an injury and the commentators just gave a really sad stat. Wales were 201-0 odds of winning this World Cup. Ouch!

9:59AM: New Zealand is in another class with their footwork, 1-23 can all break ankles!

10:00am: And with that, some Wales ankles give way and Eloise Blackwell scores. NZL 30 WAL 0.

10:02AM: Subs for both teams, WAL: York for Evans; NZL: Fitzpatrick for Nafatali.

10:03AM: Wales inside NZL 22m now and an errant pass is tipped by a defender. ADV given but not gained.

10:06AM: Subs again, WAL: Lillicrap for Rowe and Moore for Bevan; NZL: Hohepa for Wickliffe and Mata’u for Itunu.

10:08AM: Wales finally get one!!!! Harris is over after a long throw in the LO. Quick ball and they are over! NZL 32 WAL 7.

10:09AM: Wales have their tails up now, almost another try but pushed into touch.

10:11AM: Subs for WAL: George for Butchers.

10:12AM: Winiata breaks through the line and gets her second. NZL 37 WAL 7.

10:13AM: Points are important here for Wales, a win is probably out of the question but the score line matters.

10:14AM: Wales with another crafty LO and NZL has another KO. TMO checking for a deliberate KO.

10:15AM: This is the second deliberate KO and this time it’s a yellow card. There was coverage so no penalty try. Cocksedge is out for 10 minutes.

10:16AM: LO is good and Wales have ADV for side entry. TRY!!!

10:17AM Try was scored by Mel Clay. This is the most they’ve ever scored against New Zealand. NZL 39 WAL 12.

10:20AM: NZL steals the scrum against the head and get ADV for dangerous tackle.

10:21AM: Lost forward and scrum to Wales inside their 7m. About 9 minutes left… NZL 39 WAL 12.

10:22AM: Subs for both teams, NZL: Ketu for Wood and Talawadua for Natua; WAL: Hale for Thomas.

10:23AM: Wales spoil the scrum and relieve pressure with a clearing kick. LO to NZL.

10:24AM: Winiata gets the second hat trick of the tournament as NZL goes up 44-12.

10:26AM: Yellow card returns for NZL and they are back to full strength. 4-5 minutes to go.

10:31AM: FT. Wales has a last attempt at try but it was knocked on. NZL 44 WAL 12.

USA vs Italy – 10:30am CST

10:28AM: Anthems are going and USA and Italy are up next.

USA roster

Italy roster

10:32AM: USA starts quickly as Kristen Thomas breaks several tackles and scores in the corner! USA 7 ITA 0.

10:34AM: Messy play by Emba of USA and scrum to Italy on the halfway line.

10:36AM: USA have the weight advantage in the scrum but Italy do well in their first.

10:37AM: USA looking strong at the ruck with quick delivery by Oswiany. Attack squashed though as Italy cherry picked.

10:39AM: Italy with their first possession and they put up a big kick to put USA under pressure.

10:40AM: Tapper of USA gets a big break but doesn’t have the steam or support. Ruck and the USA forwards get to work.

10:41AM: Italy defense is able to muck up the breakdown and USA will have a LO at the 50m.

10:42AM: Beautiful break by Jordan Gray who offloads to Braaten and USA is on the attack again.

10:44AM: Italy looks to be struggling with the quick pace of the Americans at this point and only 14 minutes are gone…

10:45AM: Rozier puts up a cross field kick and Italy gathers. Sillari has a break but is brought down by a defender.

10:46AM: Tapper has another line break but the tackle causes a KO. Scrum to Italy.

10:48AM: Smart play by Italy as they hold up Napper who came in tall. Scrum to Italy.

10:50AM: Italy penalized as Barattin jumps a bit early on the pass. She’s warned to stay onside and don’t deliberately knock.

10:51AM: LO by USA and they maul. It breaks and USA is on the attack inside 5ms.

10:52AM: USA moves the ball from side to side and Rozier with a sneaky dummy is over. USA 12 ITA 0. Kick goes off the post.

10:54AM: Sub for Italy, Gal is on for Bettoni. She will be checked under concussion protocol.

10:55AM: Penalty against USA and Italy kicks for touch, their first shot inside the 22M.

10:56AM: Italy takes advantage of a great LO with a rolling maul. Trevisan gets the touchdown. USA 12 ITA 7.

10:59AM: Time off for an injury. Italy had very good prep for the WRWC as they played in the Six Nations. USA weren’t as fortunate, will that be the difference?

11:02am: USA did have an extended residency camp this year and that was a first for their 15s program.

11:05AM: Sub for Wales: Ferrari for Cammarano (injured) and Bettoni returns from concussion protocol.

11:07AM: Play restarts with a scrum to Italy. USA 12 ITA 7.

11:08AM: Italy seems to be OK with kicking to the USA back triangle. A bunch of flyers back there!

11:09AM: Another kick by Italy to relieve pressure and Tapper takes the ball up 30 meters.

11:10AM: USA 7’s players making a big impact on this match so far.

11:11AM: Another box kick by Italy and they are rewarded this time as Parsons was offsides.

11:14AM: Frantic play continues by the USA and their unforced errors are really hurting them.

11:16AM: USA has the weight advantage but Italian technique is winning scrums.

11:17AM: Another unforced error this time by Emba and Italy will scrum.

11:18AM: USA gets turnover ball but then promptly knocks it on. Italy attacking.

11:20AM: USA will be really disappointed with this first half. First 20 was strong but fading now.

11:21AM: USA penalized and we are in to extra time. They kick to touch and take a LO.

11:22AM: Big throw to the back but USA has stolen it! They leect to kick to touch and go to the changing rooms.

11:23AM HT. USA 12 ITA 7

11:33AM: And we’re back, Italy kicked off.

11:33AM: Parsons and Gray are an amazing combo on the pitch. Both great runners and powerful.

11:35AM: We know USA has Kelter, Javelet and others on the bench. How long will Steinberg wait?

11:38AM: Lots of scrums in this second half and Italy continues to show their prowess.

11:40AM: Silly penalty by Zackary there, lost her feet when there were five Italian defenders already there.

11:41AM: Rucks are getting messy here, both teams are slowing the ball down.

11:42AM: USA on the front foot but continual errors stop their momentum. Tapper loses the ball again in contact.

11:42AM: Possible foul play, USA Bridges has a late hit with no arms, just a warning. Lucky break for USA.

11:45AM: Emba gets a line break but holds onto the ball and USA recycles.

11:46AM: Kelter is on the pitch!!! Thomas gets the score but what an impact sub. USA 17 ITA 7.

11:50AM: Furlan gets a break and gets more yards with a nice dummy. Italy is inside USA 5m.

11:52AM: Beautiful kick behind the defense by Italy but Thomas does well to gather and touch down for a 22m.

11:53AM: We’ve missed a few subs, ITA Arrighetti for Locatelli, Tounesi for Severin and Rigoni for Schlavon; USA: Kelter for Braaten and Gustaitis for Washington.

11:55AM: More subs for USA: Pankey for Augustyn and Rogers for Faaee.

11:56AM: The entire backline for USA is 7s contract players!

11:57AM: Gustaitis just came in and take a backdoor ball from Heavirland  to score. USA 22 ITA 7.

11:58AM: Sub for USA, trade one flyer for another. Tapper off and Javelet is on.

12:00PM: A bright spot for Italy has been their fullback Furlan. Unpredictable and a dangerous runner.

12:03PM: Pool B will be very tight and points will be a factor, both USA and Italy have plenty to play for with about 12 minutes left.

12:05PM: Injury time as Sommer of USA seeks treatment.

12:07PM: Sub for USA, Carnett for Owsiany.

12:11PM: Foul play by USA, Reddick with a dangerous tackle. Penalty to Italy after review by TMO.

12:13PM: Italy returns to their faithful LO but they can’t produce it. Scrum to USA.

12:14PM: Sub for Italy, Madia for Cioffi.

12:16PM: TMO review of deliberate knock on by Thomas. They are checking for a penalty try but there appears to be coverage.

12:17PM: TMO review and they just go with a yellow card to Thomas. She exits the game and won’t return.

12:19PM: Italy take the LO and begin the rolling maul. Messy but the try is given to Elise Jordan. USA 24 ITA 12.

12:23PM: FT. USA 24 ITA 12

Canada vs Hong Kong – 11:15am CST

11:12AM: Anthems have begun for Canada and Hong Kong.

Canada roster

Hong Kong roster

11:14AM: Canada kicks off to Hong Kong, they are ranked 23rd while Canada is 3rd.

11:17AM: Canada gets right to work and look in really good form. Already inside Hong Kong’s 5m.

11:19AM: Canada’s Russell breaks through the line and they offload to Burke for their first try. CAN 5 HKG 0.

11:22AM: Hong Kong look to be struggling a bit as they try to match Canada’s pace.

11:23AM: Magali Harvey almost made it around the outside but Hong Kong closes the gate.

11:25AM: No worry though as Alarie breaks through several tackles and touches down. CAN 12 HKG 0.

11:27AM: Canada putting on a clinic here as Harvey sprints around the entire Italian defense. CAN 19 HKG 0.

11:28AM: You may say that Harvey has a bone to pick after Rio…

11:30AM: Free kick to HKG at the scrum, they move inside Canada’s 22m.

11:31AM: Another penalty against Canada as they were off their feet. They kick for touch.

11:32AM: A few instructions from the referee at the scrum and Canada has the put in.

11:34AM: Canada marched over Hong Kong in that scrum. Offload to Harvey and they move up the pitch.

11:36AM: A mess at the try line but eventually Canada gets it over. The referee was almost on her belly to see it. Nice effort.

11:37AM: Harvey attempts the conversion but misses. CAN 24 HKG 0.

11:41AM: Another try for Canada’s Harvey. CAN 29 HKG 0.

11:46AM: Warning for Hong Kong about number of penalties and Canada will scrum on their 5m.

11:48AM: Another warning at the scrum and Russell of Canada gets her second try. CAN 36 HKG 0.

11:53AM: Burk of Canada wrangles another try. CAN 41 HKG 0.

11:58AM: HT. CAN 46 HKG 0.

12:09PM: Hong Kong kicks off the second half and it’s not 10m. Scrum to Canada.

12:10PM: Canada wastes no time as Alarie scores again. CAN 53 HKG 0.

12:15PM: Thornborough with a nice dummy and she dives across the line. CAN 58 HKG 0.

12:18PM: Tessier adds to the scoreline. CAN 65 HKG 0.

12:21PM: TMO review of a challenge in the air and a yellow card is given to Hong Kong’s Ka Yan.

12:31PM: Now Canada’s DeMerchant receives a yellow card.

12:32PM: Harvey scores her fourth try of the match. CAN 70 HKG 0.

12:35pm: Waters comes off the bench and rips off another try. CAN 79 HKG 0.

12:57PM: FT. CAN 98 HKG 0.

Ireland vs Australia – 1:00PM CST

1:00PM: Our updates on this one will be a bit delayed as all members of our team have prior commitments. We expect to be able to do live updates in the second half.

Ireland roster

Australia roster

1:42PM: A few have asked why we’re delayed, we haev one person in Ireland but the rest of us are stuck at home doing our real jobs. So we’re shifting around meetings and such to try and bring you coverage!

1:42PM: Quick recap of the match so far, VERY physical and hard hitting by both teams. Ireland scored first in the 20th minute after a brutal goal line stand by Australia. Our only comment would be that Australia is getting a lot of leeway at the ruck…

1:43PM: Australia then answered back in the 28th minute with a try by Murphy after a lovely display of handling by the backline. IRE 7 AUS 5.

1:44PM: HT. IRE 7 AUS 5. Very physical match, can’t wait for the second half!

1:59PM: Teams are back out and Australia is defending a scrum inside their 22m.

2:03PM: Subs for AUS, Clough replaces Gray.

2:04PM: IRE penalized for obstruction, AUS kicks for touch. The LO is stolen and IRE attacks.

2:06PM: Still locked at IRE 7 AUS 5 with lots of tight back and forth play. Player frustration levels are raising.

2:11PM: IRE is working the weak side but this time when they finally rebounded a player was isolated. AUS penalty and they kick to touch.

2:14PM: AUS working off the LO, they are inside the 5m. Can they finish?

2:15PM: They do finish as Parry scores. Conversion missed. IRE 7 AUS 10.

2:18PM: IRE aren’t finished and have a scrum inside AUS 5m.

2:19PM: Just short but they keep shoving, the referee goes to one knee and it’s touched down! IRE 14 AUS 10.

2:21PM: AUS off their feet and IRE kick to touch. 

2:23PM: A KO and IRE will have a scrum inside AUS 22m. About 14 minutes left.

2:28PM: Another goal line stand and AUS is under pressure. The referee is literally crawling on the ground to see. Going to TMO.

2:29PM: Question to TMO “Any reason I can’t rule a TRY”. Usually means the referee does believe it is a try.

2:30PM: Ireland TRY! IRE 19 AUS 10. 

2:33pm: AUS takes the KO and drives it down the pitch to score. What an answer! IRE 19 AUS 17.

2:34PM: 6 mins to go in this Pool C matchup. Dynamite game!

2:35PM: AUS on the attack, IRE steals, AUS steals it back…then IRE penalized. Can’t type fast enough!

2:36PM: AUS LO but IRE steals, they relieve a bit of pressure with a big kick.

2:37PM: KO by AUS and IRE has the option of scrum or LO. They choose the LO.

2:40PM: IRE still working that weak side and gaining yards…about 1 min left!

2:41PM: FT. IRE kicks it out and the whistle blows. What a victory for the Irish. IRE 19 AUS 17.

France vs Japan – 1:45PM CST

1:45PM: Teams are out for anthems!

France roster

Japan roster

1:46PM: That didn’t take long…France’s Menager scores in the first minute. FRA 5 JPN 0.

1:49PM: France puts another on the scoreboard as Guiglion is over. FRA 10 JPN 0.

2:02PM: This will be a long day for Japan if this continues, France’s Deshayes is over and it’s converted. FRA 17 JPN 0.

2:05PM: Ladagnous is over. 

2:06PM: TMO review for neck roll against JAP. Yellow card for France’s Ferer.  

2:12PM: Japan has some nice phase work as Bogidraumainadave scores to get on the board. FRA 22 JPN 7.

2:20PM: France answers right back with a try by Drouin. FRA 29 JPN 7.

2:30PM: HT. FRA 29 JPN 7.

2:47PM: Still locked at 29-7 to France and a few replacements for both teams coming on.

2:50PM: TMO review of a possible double movement. TMO says TRY, not a double move. FRA 34 JPN 7.

2:54PM: A gorgeous kick pass and Ladagnous gets a double for the match. FRA 41 JPN 7.

3:03PM: Deshayes powers over for another French try. FRA 46 JPN 7.

3:06PM: Ladagnous gets a hat trick for France. FRA 53 JPN 7.

3:10PM: Another quick try by France, it’s Drouin this time. About 16 mins left. FRA 58 JPN 7.

3:12PM: Deliberate knock on by France’s Abadie and she is yellow carded.

3:17PM: TMO review of a dangerous tackle against Japan. Appears to be to the head…

3:19PM: Japan’s Tomita receives a red card for a dangerous tackle. 

3:24PM: France continues to pour on the tries as Menager goes over the line. FRA 65 JPN 7.

3:27PM: Mayans also gets over the line, FRA 70 JPN 7.

3:30PM: Japan continues to show their pride as Noda sneaks over the line for a try. FRA 72 JPN 14.

3:34PM: FT. FRA 72 JPN 14

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