Keep losing money on rugby bets? Change your luck today with these tips

Rugby is a sport that consists of big, sizeable score lines, that offer considerable margins, and the winning margin markets are the perfect place to take advantage of this.

While it may require a seasoned and well developed skill to bet on winning margins in sports like basketball, where the score differences are often low, or in football, where only a few goals are scored, rugby offers ample opportunities for players to make bets on score differences. Below, we’ve compiled a set of tips to help you get started with betting on the winnings margins market, after which you can try your hand at betting through various rugby free betting offers, to help you get started.

Standard Winning Margin Market

If you’re looking for odds that are bigger, the rewards are potentially the highest can be earned in the margin market. In a typical standard margin market, predictions are ordinarily carried out through chunks of 5 points each. For instance, in the Super League matchup between Leeds and Wigan, betting was open to back Leeds at 7/1 for Wigan to get beaten by around 16 to 20 points. In this match the final score was 28-12 in favour of Leeds, and therefore if a person bet on a margin of 16-20, he would have made a winning bet in this match.In recent times, support for such margin markets has grown considerably among people, with a large majority of Americans being in favor of the legalization of wagering on professional sports.

Five-Way Winning Margin Market

If you’re not the high risk kind, but are looking to make regular but modest winnings, then it would be more preferable to go for the five-way margin market, that gives you the room of betting on broader, and more probable outcomes in matches. For instance, in the Wigan versus Leeds match, backing Leeds to come out as winners by a margin of more than 13 points was open at 19/10, which is a fairly good wager considering Leeds’ magnificent form and performances prior to the match.

This Wigan versus Leeds example goes to show that the choice between different betting markets is not just about exposure to risk, but it also has a lot to do with the kind of games that one chooses to make a wager on, and therefore it’s extremely important to look at statistics and key comparisons on these teams before making a bet.

Difference in Points

In any wagering scenario, the number that is of paramount importance and utility is the difference in points, which is essentially the total number of points conceded, subtracted from the total number of points scored. Taking this figure, and dividing it by the total number of games played by any team, will give you the average margin of losing or winning for that particular team. Using this figure for two teams prior to making a bet in any of the margin markets gives you a fair idea about the kind of margins that you can expect from the final result of the game, that is, a high or a low margin.

For a more detailed comparison of the two sides in a match, it may also be preferable to analyze the points for and conversely the points against both the teams. Coming back to the Wigan versus Leeds example, it was evident prior to the game that both Wigan and Leeds were high scoring teams, with Wigan scoring a total of 306 from 9 matches, and Leeds rounding up 326 out of 10 games. But the number of points conceded, with Wigan totaling 160, and Leeds conceding merely 82, it was clear that the game was likely to be a high margin win in favour of Leeds.

At the same time, it is important to be aware of potential scams on the internet in light of recent incidents where tipsters deliberately gave out wrong tips to players looking to bet on the margins market.

Potential Pitfalls

Another crucial element is avoiding pitfalls in betting, with the team’s form being very important in this context. Many bettors will look at recent results of the two teams without examining who these teams were faced up against. This is especially relevant because a series of matchups with strong or weak teams can impact a team’s form, but is not accurately reflected in the result, and betting on such a team without looking at its form can therefore be a risky prospect.

It is also advisable to be aware of teams that can churn out results even in case of competitive matchups. For instance, while Hull had a better points difference in the Hull versus Widnes matchup in the Super League, Widnes’ far superior form raised pre-match flags that it had the potential to fight, and possibly win a closely matched game. This was reflected in the outcome, with Widnes emerging as the winners with a 34-29 scoreline.

On the whole, pull up the statistical data for both teams prior to making a bet, and then look at how it translates into making an informed bet in the margins market.

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