World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series Qualifier 2018 – Hong Kong 7s

Alongside the Men’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, Hong Kong 7s is also featuring two qualifier events. The 2018 World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series Qualifier will be held on Thursday and Friday, 5-6 April.

Twelve teams will battle it out in the women’s world series qualifier, with the winner taking the prestigious prize of core team status for 2019.







4/5/2018Kenya 17
Papua New Guinea
4/5/2018South Africa31 Mexico 0Pool
4/5/2018China 14Kazakhstan 7Pool
4/5/2018Brazil38 Hong Kong 0Pool
4/5/2018Belgium 12Argentina 0Pool
4/5/2018Wales 19Poland 17Pool
4/5/2018Kenya 40Mexico 0Pool
4/5/2018South Africa 26
Papua New Guinea
17 Pool
4/5/2018China 19Hong Kong 7Pool
4/5/2018Brazil 22Kazakhstan 10Pool
4/5/2018Belgium 19Poland 0Pool
4/5/2018Wales 47Argentina 5Pool
Papua New Guinea
 27Mexico 5Pool
4/5/2018South Africa 12Kenya24 Pool
4/5/2018Kazakhstan 12Hong Kong 17Pool
4/5/2018Brazil 5China 31Pool
4/5/2018Argentina 21Poland 5Pool
4/5/2018Wales 5Belgium 12Pool
4/6/2018 China31  Papua New Guinea 10QFs
4/6/2018 Belgium 17 Brazil 12QFs
4/6/2018Wales 0  South Africa 26QFs
4/6/2018 Kenya 17 Argentina 12QFs
4/6/2018 China 22 Belgium 5SFs
4/6/2018 South Africa12  Kenya 7SFs
4/6/2018 China 31 South Africa 14Final

Pool A

Pool B

Pool C

South AfricaBrazilWales
Papua New GuineaKazakhstanArgentina
MexicoHong KongPoland

Prior to the inaugural season, a group of “core teams” that are guaranteed places in all series events was announced. This concept is taken directly from the men’s series. Unlike the men’s series, which features 15 core teams as of the 2012–13 season, the women’s series began with only six.

For the 2013–14 series, the number of core teams was increased to eight, all reached the quarter final from the 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens:

Brazil was invited to participate in all events for the 2013–14 series. This was part of an IRB initiative to help jump-start women’s rugby development in the country, which is set to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

For the 2014–15 series, the number of core teams increased to 11, and qualification was extensively revamped, changing to a system more similar to that currently used in the men’s World Series. The top seven teams in the 2013–14 series retained core team status. Four additional core teams were determined in a 12-team qualifying tournament held in Hong Kong on 12–13 September 2014. World Rugby did not initially announce full details of the qualification system for future series, but eventually determined that the top nine teams from the 2014–15 series would retain their status for 2015–16, with a world qualifier following in September 2015.

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