The Participation of American Women in Rugby; By Savannah Adams

from Ezine Articles, By Savannah Adams: In 1972, three all-female rugby teams represented three prestigious universities-Colorado State University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Illinois at Champaign. When the pioneer members graduated, Colorado rugby training schools soon sprouted in major cities and urban areas in the state. In 1978, the first ever Women’s … Read more


Building an International Sevens Team for the Las Vegas Sevens Tournament by taking advantage of Social Media

from Lee Bennet: During the summer of 2011 in Toronto the coach of the Senior Womens Toronto Saracen’s team Andy Ireland hatched the idea of taking a team to participate in the Vegas Sevens tournament. Initially the team would be made up of the Saracen players but as the fall came it became obvious that … Read more


Sam Pankey – USA Rugby Eagle, Day 2, The “Calming-Long-Pulse-Sounding” Test and More

Schedule for today: 7am breakfast, 8:30am-12pm meeting into beep test into morning session 1 into reflection into morning session 2, 12pm lunch, 1pm-5:30pm meeting into evening games into evening session, 5:30-7:30 ice baths into shower into dinner, 7:30-8:45 meeting…and done. Twas a busy day, but a very productive one. The beep test turned out to … Read more


Sam Pankey – USA Rugby Eagle, Vertical Test & Tigertown History

Re-posted with permission from On The Rugby Sidelines: “No beep test this morning!” You can imagine how suspiciously excited we were upon hearing this. However, breaking news that the beep test would be tomorrow morning quickly routed the evanescent excitement. Actually, none of us had any hope of the beep test disappearing from our itinerary, … Read more