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Sending Good Vibes to Abby!!

Join me in sending good vibes to Oregon this weekend as Abby, is throwing the shot put for her chance to go to Beijing in the 2008 Summer Olympics! She will be throwing the evenings of July 3 (9:20pm PST) and July 5 (1:50pm PST). The TV stations to watch her on are USA (3rd) […]

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Released to play again!

I have been holding out on announcing the good news, but I can’t hold out any longer! I am officially 7 days into my release to play rugby again! I had my last visit with the surgeon, PT and then did some functional testing yesterday so I could get a baseline of where I am […]

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Women’s Rugby Media Coverage

While rugby has grown quite a bit in media coverage over the last few years, coverage of Women’s Rugby in general is still behind by leaps and bounds. A few nations are taking this insult to heart and are working to organize a call for more media for women’s rugby all around. The Women’s Sport […]

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Raindrops on my soul…

It was officially the hottest day of the year in Austin so far today, it hit 99 degrees! This is the kind of heat that I love, when you go outside and your skin instantly starts prickling…it begins breaking into a sweat to try and combat the heat. A few hours ago the sky grew […]

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Two STRONG Knees, what you got?

I remember when I was in high school and a girl on our basketball had torn her ACL for the second time. I remember thinking, wow that must absolutely be horrible to do it once, but twice? Well now that I have been through it twice, I do have to say the second time is […]

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The Tip of an Iceberg

What a day, what a day. April 10, 2008 by far has been the worst day in awhile. I won’t bore you with the details of my horrible day, but will just get right to the worst part of the day. When I have a bad day I like to eat bad food and that […]

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A Wendy Update

I know its been a while since I have wrote about my knee, my life or my personal rugby adventures…and I know you have been waiting with abated breath…so here I go! The last month has been crazy at work, we have been WAY busier than normal and that is a good thing. I recently […]

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My a$$ is on Google Maps!

So I noticed that Austin has Street View now and so I looked up my work, Auditorium Shores, my co-workers house and then my own house. Then I noticed that there was a person in front of my house! So I zoomed in…and it was ME!!!! I think I am petting a cat or just […]

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