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WANTED: Women’s Rugby Coach in Clinton, NY

WANTED: Women’s Rugby Coach in Clinton, NY This weeks WANTED comes from Lesley, and like many of us they are seeking a coach that is not a player. Read on for more details… The Hamilton College Women’s Rugby Football club seeks a new coach, to be in place as soon as possible. The coach position […]

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WANTED: Rugby Recipes

The best part of the Rugby Ruckosphere and the Internets is the abundance of information, ideas and creations out there. Here is another idea worth mentioning, Rugby Recipes: WANTED: Rugby Recipes The image of a rugby player is one of a hearty soul who plays hard, drinks hard and yes, eats hard too. So, I […]

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WANTED: Rugby Team in Amarillo, TX

WANTED: Rugby Team in Amarillo, TX Hi, I was just wondering if you knew of any Rugby teams around Amarillo Tx… I will be moving to TX in a month or so. So let me know if there’s anything in the area. Thanks,Yvonne Little geography lesson here, Amarillo, TX is right smack between Alb, NM […]

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Village Lions Rugby Calendar

One day while perusing Facebook (yes, Your Scrumhalf Connection has a profile!) I stumbled upon some very pretty rugby images. I messaged Taylor, who had posted the photos and asked her for more details! Taylor wrote me back and let me know that they are members of the Village Lions RFC and these images are […]

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WANTED: Your Rugby Desires!

A new segment on Your Scrumhalf Connection today! This will not be a weekly post like Rugby Video Monday, but will be posted when YOU send me something! The idea here is What do you WANT for rugby? I don’t care if the idea is tangible, ie: WANTED: Rugby Coach Or if you want something […]

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