WPL Competition Gains Momentum in Week 2

Notice the shout-out below to YSC from USA Rugby! Competition Gains Momentum in Week 2 BOULDER, Colo. – The Women’s Premier League kicked off to a flying start on Sunday, Sept. 6. In the Red Conference, the Berkeley All-Blues and the Twin Cities Amazons jumpstarted their seasons with bonus point wins, while Beantown and Keystone … Read more


2009 WPL – Women’s Premier League Master Page

Welcome to the WPL main page, here you will find all the scores, schedule, match reports & player/coach interviews. Come back here often as it will be updated daily! For more on the Women’s Premier League, go to the navigation Panel, hover over Competitions and then choose Women’s Premier League. This will bring up all … Read more

Rugby Video Monday: Glendale vs Berkeley Friendly Match March 2009

Thanks to Infinity Park and Glendale Rugby for video taping the match vs Berkeley on March 21, 2009…and for providing the download file as well. Since their website does not allow you to embed their video files, I grabbed the download file they do provide and threw it up on my Scrumhalf Connection channel and … Read more

WANTED: NYRC Needs a Rugby Match on May 2nd for Family Day on Randall’s Island

WANTED: NYRC Needs a Rugby Match on May 2ndfor Family Day on Randall’s Island Hi Wendy, NYRC was scheduled to play Chicago North Shore on May 2nd for our Family Day on Randall’s Island. Unfortunately, they recently cancelled on us due to player commitments with the Midwest and we’ve been looking to schedule another game, … Read more

USA Rugby Women’s Competition Review Summary – Premier League, D1 & D2 Women’s Rugby

USA Rugby has finally released their structure for the Premiership, D1 and D2 Women’s Rugby. There were musings that this was coming for some time, for more on that read this post. Whew, now teams just need to sort out there TU seasons and formats…the West (now dubbed Central) has been cranking on this for … Read more