15's has begun!

I LOVE ME SOME 15’s RUBGY!!! I love 7’s too, but there is just something about being 15’s sore. You know what I’m talking about! Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts about rugby across the world! Read the blog at http://yourscrumhalfconnection.com and follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/scrumhalfblog

2000 what what!

Thanks for visiting the site all…we broke 2000 hits over the weekend. Keep sending your comments and concerns. Anything you send means less time I have to search for something to write about! I do enjoy it though…kind of therapeutic. Have a wonderful Monday! Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts about rugby … Read more

USA Eagles Photo Album

From Lee’s Rugby Life Blog: Jen Doan is an amazing photographer who has been attending the Women’s National Team (WNT) events and is creating a chronicled account of our run up to the World Cup. Her photography captures the authenticity and feeling of a given moment. Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts … Read more

Participating Teams for Women's World Cup

Australia First played in the 1930s, taken seriously in the ’90s. 1992 five teams staged first club championship. AWRU established in 1993.Current playing numbers: 4411 Contact:Meagan White Canada Canada’s first women’s international was against USA on 14 Nov 1987. The side finished fourth at both the 1998 and 2002 Women’s RWCs.Current playing numbers: 15400 Contact:Martin … Read more

7's in Cape Cod

The Satiated Beavers recieved a few text messages from Rosalind while she was with Little Rock in Cape Cod, while we were in College Station playing against the young Aggies. She said the weather was gorgeous, about 75 and breezy…what luck! They beat NY, the Pink Ladies, and Boston. They lost to Midwest in the … Read more

Tornado Alley 7's Results

The West Sevens Club competition concluded this weekend in Norman, OK. The record heat was replaced with warm temperatures, low humidity and a steady breeze all day in what proved to be a great day of rugby for all the participants. The tourney consisted of a four team high school bracket along with six social … Read more