Oklahoma Women's Rugby – The Roses

Oklahoma Women’s Rugby has just celebrated their 30th anniversary as a rugby community in Norman, Oklahoma. The event was celebrated by having the largest Alumni gathering yet.

Also the women had their FIRST alumni match against their own old girls. It was great to find out that the front row had all played in the ’80s and most of us were born during that time! Of course experience and smart play always win over youth…

Oklahoma Rugby is VERY excited to be hosting the Western Collegiate Championships on their home pitch starting April 7, 2006 and wrapping up the championships games on April 9, 2006. This tournament will have 24 colleges competing for the top spot in the West. The women’s teams are seeded as:

#1 = ER1 – Air Force Academy
#2 = ER2 – University of Colorado
#3 = TX1 – Texas A&M
#4 = RG1 – University of New Mexico
#5 = GP1 – Wayne State
#6 = ER3 – University of Northern Colorado
#7 = Oklahoma University
#8 = Truman State

Oklahoma will play the University of Colorado at 8:30am. Come out and support us!

Check out our website: http://rugby.ou.edu

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