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This is a great idea. I’m coordinating Summer 7s for the St Louis Sabres. We have a tournament in St Louis on 7/29. I will also send you a list of the tournaments we plan to attend (once that is finalized) – so that others in the West will know in case they are interested in bringing a team to the same tournaments or if they want to come out to pickup with us.

A discussion point: Why isn’t there a 7s national championship for women?

Thanks again! Great idea!



Thanks for the response! Check out their site:

2 thoughts on “St Louis Sabres”

  1. Anna,
    Most TUs don’t have a set playoff structure for a Women’s 7s playoff. MARFU is the only TU that has such a playoff to determine a 7s TU champion for women.

    In the early 90s the West tried to establish a women’s 7s playoff but to no avail. I think it should be tried again and if there were a set tournament where we could determine a champion I’m sure the West would consider doing a women’s 7s championship.

  2. Until the structure to determine a champion in all TU’s I doubt USA Rugby will adopt a women’s 7s championship structure.


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