A few birds have told me about some matches and I am awaiting results:

University of Nothern Colorado vs Colorado College

University of Wyoming vs Colorado State University

Black Ice at Round Robin with KC Jazz & Harlequin Olde Girls

Truman State at Ruggerfest in St. Louis
Kansas State at Ruggerfest
St. Louis Bombers at Ruggerfest
St. Louis Sabres at Ruggerfest

Texas A&M vs. Austin Valkryies

Thanks for all the submissions and I am awaiting pictures, results and stories!

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2 thoughts on “Results?”

  1. West events

    Best of the West Tournament in Austin Apr 22-23

    West U23 Tryouts in Austin
    Apr 29-30

    West U23 Tryouts in Colorado Springs May 6-7

    Women’s U23 All Star Championships in Boulder, Co Jun 9-11

    Women’s Sr All Star Championships in Boulder, CO Jun 9-11


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