Hiding referee rescued by police

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Hiding referee rescued by police

April 02, 2006 QUEENSLAND police used capsicum spray today to rescue a rugby league referee who was assaulted after a match and locked himself in a change room to escape wild fans.

Police raced to the ground at Ipswich, west of Brisbane, but were forced to call for back-up when fans, who had been trying to kick down the change room door, turned on them.

The police were called about 1.25pm (AEST) after the Ipswich Rugby League Under 18 match between West End and North Ipswich at Cribb Park.

The referee was reportedly assaulted by someone in the crowd as he left the field in Pelican Street, North Ipswich.

“From what I understand, somebody took offence to a ruling from the referee,” a police spokesman said.

“He was then assaulted and he ran into the clubhouse and locked himself into his room and a large fight started.”

Some people in the crowd attempted to kick in the door of home team’s change room, but when the police arrived some of spectators turned their attention to them.

The officers called for back-up and capsicum spray was used to subdue the crowd.

Several arrests were made and police escorted the referee from the change rooms.

No injuries were reported.

Ipswich Rugby League refused to comment on the incident saying it wanted to wait until the conclusion of a police investigation.


If any of you have been following the Jack Clark story at CAL…this is along the same lines. Referees are being mistreated all over the place! What’s the deal?

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