KC Jazz Photos (Menagerie and Chicago)

KC Jazz played Minneapolis Menagerie this weekend…send me scores!

They also played the Chicago Women’s Rugby Club on April 1, 2006…couldn’t find any results.

Heard a rumor that ya’all might be attending Best of the West…is that right? Let me know!

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  1. The first half of this match saw the Menagerie’s ‘A’ side pitted against most of the Jazz’s new more inexperienced players. The Menagerie jumped out to a 14 – 5 lead at the half.

    In the second half the Jazz put many of their experienced players in while the Menagerie played their newer players. The result was a 31 – 0 Jazz dominated half.

    Final score, Jazz 36 – Menagerie 14.

    This weekend the Jazz face the Scottsdale Lady Blues in defense of the West’s 3rd seed into the National Championship Playoffs in October.

    The Jazz will be striving to maintain the West’s proud winning tradition.


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