Lots of emails about 7's…so here ya go!

June 2-4, 2006
West 7’s Tryouts
Michelle Persica livelovelaughter@austin.rr.com
Information Packet

June 3, 2006
Lonestar Classic 7’s Dallas, TX
Filip Keupper Filip.Keuppens@warnerbros.com

Just wanted to pass along an invitation to the Lonestar Classic Sevens and Touch Rugby Tournament in Dallas TX on June 3. We will be offering Men’s, High School, Women’s and Touch Rugby divisions. Entry fees for the Women’s division are $125 if paid in advance and $150 day of, if you would like to enter the co-ed touch bracket as well, the entry fee is expected to be $50. Consistent with our Cowboy theme, we will have a live band on hand all day, trophies made from cowboy boots and will be putting together a post game party, naturally we will also be offering numerous side events like drop kick contests, fastest man/woman, and MVP of each division.

This tournament has been completely revamped as it is under “new management”. We are committed to developing a significant women’s division and understand that we have to offer numerous out of town teams as competition to the Texas area women’s clubs to make it worthwhile. Thus far we have contacted Philadelphia, San Diego Surfers, Charleston Hurricanes, NOVA piranhas, Worcester Shamrocks and Beantown in order to try to accomplish that goal. Furthermore, we will cancel the women’s division if we do not have solid commitments from at least 8 teams prior to the event (no need for you to waste your time and money to go to play a friendly against a couple of teams you play all the time anyway).

June 24, 2006
7’s in Little Rock, AR
Wilma Keller jrkeller@aristotle.net

July 22, 2006
Tornado Alley 7’s Norman, OK
Wendy Young scooterwe@yahoo.com

July 29, 2006

St. Louis Langenburg 7’s (cash prize for women’s bracket)
Anna MacKay ajmackay8@yahoo.com

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