Austin Bloodfest June 24, 2006

Austin Bloodfest June 24, 2006
Since this was a social tournament the Satiated Beavers decided to play it a little differently. Instead of having “selections” we decided that if you wanted to play you should just raise your hand! (I missed that memo as I was out getting McDonalds and hot choc…damn you Wendy!)

Our first game was against TX A&M…and we had just taught them how to play 7’s about 15 minutes before we played…so we thought we had it in the bag. Not so much…they caught us on our heels several times and were able to take advantage of their fitness. They caught a big lead on us in the first half and we weren’t able to recover enough in the second half.

The second game was against Alamo City/San Antonio. Once again we showed a hand if we wanted to play…this time I was ready! It was a tough match and there were only two tries scored. One by me and one by Alamo. We both missed our kicks and the game ended in a tie.

The third game was against Alamo City/San Antonio again. This time we beat them soundly by 15 or 20 points. Nice work ladies…finally we were working together and feeling the groove.

The fourth game was against Denton…since we had played them before in Dallas we knew what to expect. Speedy little girls they are! But we were able to defeat them by 5 or 10 points. NICE!

The fifth game was a motley against TX A&M. This was alot of fun to play in! We had a few beavers (including me!), Oklahoma and Alamo City players. TX A&M beat us easily though and went on to win the tournament. Nice work ladies!

As for the rest of the Beavers 7’s season…I believe we are going to Corpus Christi in a few weeks and having a friendly against TX A&M next week. Keep up the fitness ladies!

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