In a blogging mood today!

I’m going to say it…and I hate to say it.

Soccer players have turned into crying, whining babies.

As a soccer player of 15 years at varying levels from HS to Club to Collegiate…I have to say that I am embarassed! The world cup was a slaughter of yellow cards and red cards. The most EVER in history! 336 yellow cards and 27 red cards…and now FIFA is defending these cards “If you count the number of red and yellow cards … it’s in proportion,” Siegler, FIFA director said. “Before Sunday’s games, referees had handed out 136 yellow cards and 10 reds in 24 matches.”

But I am not embarassed because of the amount of cards…that regrettableble…but I wembarrassedsed that grown men were falling down (taking dives) over and over and over! Stop faking it and play one of the most beautiful games ever!

A funny side note: a video of the Italian team practicing dives…who knows if it is true or not, but hilarious.

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