Champagne Classic Tournament

Little late on the Champagne Classic Tournament, but better late than never right? Have a funny story, pictures etc about the tournament? Be my tournament correspondent and email me details here!

25th Annual Champagne Classic – March 8th & 9th, 2008

Club Teams

1. Belmont Shore Landsharks
2. Berkeley All Blues
3. Boston Women
4. Chico State
5. Coast WRC
6. Frost Giants (Midwest motley side)
7. Last Call (Beantown motley side)
8. San Diego Surfers
9. San Francisco Fog RFC
10. San Luis Obispo Women
11. Scottsdale Lady Blues
12. Stanford

College Teams

1. Claremont Colleges
2. Rugby Canada U19s A
3. Rugby Canada U19s B
4. Utah State University


CHAMPAGNE FINAL: Berkeley All Blues (62) – Boston Women (0)
CHABLIS FINAL: Last Call (34) – Scottsdale Lady Blues (7)
MAD RUCKERS FINAL: Canada U19s A (8) – Canada U19s B (5)
HAPPY CAMPERS FINAL: Coast (20) – SLO Women (5)


COLLEGIATE: Jackie Tittler (Canada U19s A)
CLUB TIGHT 5: Erin Broderick (Boston Women)
CLUB MIDDLE: Kitt Wagner (Last Call)
CLUB BACK: Andrea Dunn (Scottsdale Lady Blues)

Thanks to the San Diego Surfers for updating their website with results!

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