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  • West Collegiate D1 & D2 Results
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  • USA Rugby Announces Finalized Teams, Schedule for National Guard College Club Playoffs

    SCORES/RESULTS are here.

    BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby officially announced today the full field of teams for the USA Rugby National Guard Division I and II Men’s and Women’s College Club Playoffs set to kick off on Friday, April 18 at 1:30 pm at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque, N.M.

    In addition to finalizing the qualifying teams, USA Rugby is also able to announce its broadcast schedule for the USA Rugby National Guard College Club Playoff event. The USA Rugby Network will broadcast all of the games set to play on Field 1 and will be available by streaming video via USA Rugby’s website ( The full match and broadcast schedule is listed below.

    Finalized Match Schedule*

    Friday, April 18
    1:30: Dartmouth v BYU (DI MEN)
    1:30: San Diego State v Arkansas State (DI MEN)
    2:00: St. Mary’s v Air Force (DI MEN)
    2:00: Bowling Green State v Kutztown (DI MEN)
    2:30: Cal v Tennessee (DI MEN)
    2:30: Army v Cal Poly (DI MEN)
    3:00: Penn State v Minnesota (DI MEN)
    3:00: Colorado v Utah (DI MEN)
    4:00: Northern Iowa v Stanford (DI WOMEN)
    4:00: Virginia v Colorado (DI WOMEN)
    4:30: Brown v West Chester (DI WOMEN)
    4:30: UCLA v UC Davis (DI WOMEN)

    Saturday, April 19th
    9:00: Penn State v Florida (DI WOMEN)
    9:00: Chico State v Indiana (DI WOMEN)
    9:00: Texas A&M v Cal (DI WOMEN)
    9:00: Vassar v Navy (DI WOMEN)
    10:30: Coast Guard v Loyola (DII MEN)
    10:30: Michigan v Radford (DII MEN)
    10:30: Middlebury v Northern Colorado (DII MEN)
    10:30: Utah Valley State v East Carolina (DII MEN)
    11:30: Norwich v Shippensburg (DII WOMEN)
    11:30: Wayne State v UC Santa Cruz (DII WOMEN)
    11:30: East Carolina v Claremont (DII WOMEN)
    11:30: UNM-Duluth v WWU (DII WOMEN)
    1:30: Winner of Dartmouth/ BYU v Winner of SDSU/ Arkansas State (DI MEN)
    1:30: Loser of Dartmouth/ BYU v Loser of SDSU/ Arkansas State (DI MEN)
    2:00: Winner of St. Mary’s/ Air Force v Winner of BGSU/ Kutztown (DI MEN)
    2:00: Loser of St. Mary’s/ Air Force v Loser of BGSU/ Kutztown (DI MEN)
    3:00: Loser of Cal/Tennessee v Loser of Army/ Cal Poly (DI MEN)
    3:30: Winner of Cal/Tennessee v Winner of Army/ Cal Poly (DI MEN)*
    3:30: Winner of Penn State/ Minnesota v Winner of Colorado/ Utah (DI MEN)
    3:30: Loser of Penn State/ Minnesota v Loser of Colorado/ Utah (DI MEN)
    4:00: Winner of Stanford/ UNI v Winner of Virginia/ Colorado (DI WOMEN)
    4:00: Loser of Stanford/ UNI v Loser of Virginia/ Colorado (DI WOMEN)
    4:30: Winner of Brown/ West Chester v Winner of UCLA/ UC Davis (DI WOMEN)
    4:30: Loser of Brown/ West Chester v Loser of UCLA/ UC Davis (DI WOMEN)

    Sunday, April 20
    8:30: Winner of Texas A
    &M/ Cal v Winner of Vassar/ Navy (DI WOMEN)

    8:30: Loser of Texas A&M/ Cal v Loser of Vassar/ Navy (DI WOMEN)
    8:30: Winner of Penn State/ Florida v Winner of Chico State/ Indiana (DI WOMEN)
    8:30: Loser of Penn State/ Florida v Loser of Chico State/ Indiana (DI WOMEN)
    10:00: Winner of Norwich/Shippensburg v Winner of Wayne State/ UC Santa Cruz(DII WOMEN)
    10:00: Loser of Norwich/Shippensburg v Loser of Wayne State/ UC Santa Cruz (DII WOMEN)
    10:00 Winner of ECU/ Claremont v Winner of UNM-Duluth/ WWU (DII WOMEN)
    10:00: Loser of ECU/ Claremont v Loser of UNM-Duluth/ WWU (DII WOMEN)
    11:00: Winner of Coast Guard/ Loyola v Winner of Michigan/ Radford (DII MEN)
    11:00: Loser of Coast Guard/ Loyola v Loser of Michigan/ Radford (DII MEN)
    11:00: Winner of Middlebury/UNCo v Winner of UVSC/ECU (DII MEN)
    11:00: Loser of Middlebury/UNCo v Loser of UVSC/ECU (DII MEN)

    *Please be aware times have changed to accommodate broadcast schedule

    Webcast Matches

    Friday, April 18th
    2:00: St. Mary’s College vs. Air Force (DI Men)
    4:00: Univ. of Northern Iowa v Stanford (DI Women)

    Saturday, April 19th
    9:00: Penn State v Univ of Florida (DI Women)
    11:30: Norwich v Shippensburg (DII Women)
    1:30: Winner of Dartmouth/ BYU v Winner of SDSU/ Arkansas State (DI MEN)
    3:30: Winner of Cal/Tennessee and Winner of Army/Cal Poly (DI Men)

    Sunday, April 20th
    8:30: Winner of TX A&M/ Cal and winner of Vassar/ Navy (DI WOMEN)
    11:00: Winner of Coast Guard/ Loyola and winner of Mich/ Radford (DII MEN)

    For full tournament brackets, seeds and match ups please visit and click on the respective collegiate division.

  • Collegiate D1 Women Top 10

    American Rugby
    News Rankings

    Alex Goff’s

    Coaches’ Poll Final Composite
    1. Penn State(1) 1. Brown(1) 1. Penn State(1) 1. Penn State(1)
    2. Stanford(2) 2. Navy(2) 2. Brown(4) 2. Brown(4)
    3. Texas A&M(3) 3. Texas A&M(3) 3. Navy(5) 3. Navy(5)
    4. Brown(4) 4. Penn State(4) 4. Stanford(2) 4. Stanford(2)
    5. Navy(5) 5. Stanford(5) 5. Chico State(7) 5. Texas A&M(3)
    6. Chico State(6) 6. Chico State(6) 6. Texas A&M(3) 6. Chico State(6)
    7. Indiana(7) 7. Cornell(7) 7. Virginia(8) 7. Virginia(8)
    8. Virginia(8) 8. Virginia(9) 8. UC Davis(9) 8. Cornell(10)
    9. Vassar(9) 9. Army(8) 9. Cornell(-) 9. UC Davis(-)
    10. Cornell(10) 10. Clemson(10) 10. Vassar(-) 10. Vassar(-)

  • Women’s Rugby 2-1 In Blue Balls Tournament At Fort Drum

    The SUNY Cortland women’s rugby club had 2 wins to their 1 loss at the annual Blue Balls Tournament played at Fort Drum, NY. Cortland posted 2 shutouts on the day before being shutout in their final game. In the opening contest, Jessica Thompson scored the only try of the match to lead Cortland to a 5-0 shutout victory over St. Lawrence University. The second contest had much more scoring and Cortland cruised to a 34-0 win over the Cornell-B squad. Jessica Thompson, Caroline Buckingham, Amanda Hickey, Sarah Miura, Kate Mahan, and Jamie Alba all scored in the winning effort. Renee Miller also converted 2 kicks in the match. Unfortunately, Cortland would run out of gas in the third game, losing to the Cornell-A team 33-0.

  • Four-Leaf Fifteens Tournament

    The 5th annual Four Leaf Fifteens tournament was a smashing success! We also raised over $11,000 in our St. Baldrick’s charity event to benefit childhood cancer research!

    Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to everyone for coming!

    Women’s Club Division:
    Winner: New York Women
    Runner Up: Boston Women A-Side

    Men’s Club Division:
    Winner: Jersey Shore A-Side
    Runner Up: Village Lions

    Men’s Social Division:
    Winner: Buffalo Old Boys
    Runner Up: Lansdowne

    Men’s University Division:
    Winner: Wilfrid Laurier University
    Runner Up: University of Albany

    Women’s University Division:
    Winner: Providence
    Runner Up: Northeastern

    Picture from the event can be found here.

  • Lady Ruggers play for spots

    With the No. 1 seed locked up in the upcoming national championships, the Lady Ruggers have one thing left to do: determine what 60 players are filling the 28 spots.

    And those players laid it all on the line over the weekend, trying to punch their ticket to New Mexico.

    “I can’t feel my body right now,” freshman flyhalf Kasey Ferlic said. “I played 250 minutes of rugby this weekend.”

    Over the weekend, the Penn State women’s rugby team took part in the Keystone Tournament, which consisted of a field of 10 mostly Division II college teams. The team was divided into two squads, and both were evenly mixed with A-side and B-side players.

    Each Penn State squad played five games, and both Lady Rugger squads finished first and second in the tournament. Penn State Blue won the Keystone Cup by beating Bryn Mawr, 39-0. Penn State White took second with a win over Ursinius, 41-0.

    Both teams won all five of their games, scoring a combined 200 points and shut out every one of their opponents.

    These victories were just more of the usual, as Penn State has won all four prior Keystone Cups. But this time, the Lady Ruggers made sure they didn’t play down to schools such as Kutztown, York, and Colgate.

    “We have a tendency to play at [lesser teams’] level,” junior hooker Kristen Snyder said. “I’m glad we didn’t do that this year.”

    The score may be misleading, however, because Penn State’s opponents had numerous opportunities, including times they got the ball to the 5-yard line before being stopped.

    Still, goal-line defense is exactly what Penn State coach Pete Steinberg wanted to see.

    “The key thing we did is we were able to hold onto the ball, and tackle hard to get it back,” Steinberg said. “The score was [the way it was] because we dominated on possession.”

    Although Snyder didn’t describe the tricks the Keystone club taught them, she did say that the Lady Ruggers were able to scrum with them and gained valuable experience through their interaction.

    “[This weekend] showed something that was talked about all season: the incredible depth and experience of this squad,” he said. “There’s going to be some real difficult selections.”

  • The Keystone Philadelphia Cup 2008 April 5-6, 2008

    PSU – Blue – 2008 Cup Winner!
    PSU – White – 2008 Plate Winner!
    York College – Sportsmanship Award Winner!

    Full results from the Keystone Philadelphia Cup 2008 can be found here.

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