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  • Are you ready for RUGBY?

    The typical rugger’s high fitness level stems in part from the dynamic nature of the game itself. Unlike American football, in which the action stops once a player is tackled, rugby calls for play to continue until a foul is committed, the ball goes out of bounds or a goal (try) is scored. Under the rules, a tackled player must give up the ball and let opposing players scramble for it.

    Rugby fitness also results from the multiple demands the game places on the body, says Robyn Smith, a personal trainer who is both a conditioning coach and player for the Black Ice women’s team in Denver. She’s also a certified kettle bells instructor.

    “In rugby, you have to train whole muscular systems, because you’re never using just one muscle,” Smith says. “Bench presses and leg pushes are not going to help us much, because they’re not functional exercises. We need more than just brute
    The Black Ice rugby team gathered for practice at Garland Park in Denver on Monday, March 31 , 2008. Conditioning coach and player Robyn Smith swings a 35 pound kettle bell during the workout. (Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post)
    strength. We have to be fast and explosive. We need to be able to get tackled and get right up off the ground and back on our feet.”

    For more of the article…click here.

  • Bragg Rugby – Airborne 7’s Tournament – May 17th

    Part of the proceeds from our Airborne 7’s Tournament is to raise money for Todd Miller’s family. He was a #10 from Longwood Collegiate Team and was injured during a rugby match and unfortunately passed away as a result from the injury. Our intent is to raise as much money for the family and we will ask their coach and team as well to participate in the day’s tournament. If any teams would like to help out, we are having a 50/50 cash raffle and they will be selling items to help raise money as well. Thank you in advance…

    V/R SFC Ray Hernandez
    US Army
    “Bragg RFC Coach”

  • Prom Rugby Charity Match mixes sweat and dresses

    With their sequined prom dresses shining in the sun, about 30 women wrapped their arms around one another and smiled wide for the camera. Some had their hair in curls, and others donned tiaras.

    But they all had one garment in common: sports bras.

    The UF Women’s Rugby squad marched onto the UVS Field Saturday morning, clad in formal wear and cleats, for its seventh annual Prom Rugby Charity Match. The squad collected donations for Sunna, a program named for a Scandinavian sun goddess that aims to help women cope with cancer through the Shands at UF Cancer Center.

    For more of the article go here.
    Pictures of the event can be found here.
    Video of Rugby Prom here.

  • Underwater Rugby

    Check out these two videos of Underwater Rugby…crazy stuff!

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