Rugby Video Monday: Last Man Standing

Its that time again, its Rugby Video Monday! I know you all have been waiting all weekend for this event to happen. While this segment of the Your Scrumhalf Connection blog is not as exciting as the weekly postings of Post Secret, I hope it does bring a little joy to your heart. And who doesn’t love a good rugby video?

This week the video comes from a new friend I met in Austin a few weeks ago at the Huns/HARC game. Gerry and Brutus (his big dog!) met Jake first and then I met Gerry as well. Thanks for reading Gerry and hope to see you around Texas Rugby more soon! I have always like this video and always loved doing the drill, thanks for bringing an old classic back Gerry.

Don’t forget you can submit your own rugby video by just emailing me!

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  1. Just a side note…we should really encourage women’s teams to list the full team names and colors. id I know that UCD is Univ. California Davis and wear blue jerseys but…yea


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