USA U20 Women’s National Team – Update from Bryn Chivers

I emailed Bryn Chivers to ask what was going on with the U20 Women’s National Team and here is what I got back:


I’m sorry this took me so long but I’ve been bogged down with a load of small stuff that all seems to have turned into big stuff.

So here is what’s up with the U20 WNT:

We are running a one day camp in Westfield Massachusetts on May 25th (click link for flyer).

We are off to South Africa on June 16th to play three games:
June 21 v SA U20’s
June 25th v Mpumalanga Senior Women
June 28th v SA U20’s

We are taking a very young squad with six players who would be U17 if we had a U17 WNT side:
Sadie Anderson (Fort Collins), Candace Barley (Maryville), BrieAnna Barto (Summit), Anneke Brand (Texas Tech), Stacey Bridges (Texas A&M), Lauren Danielsen (Summit), Jozy Gesner (Summit), Alex Hartley (Brown), Lisa Henneman (Seattle Women), Jay-Marie Hill (Stanford), Mallory Ives (Colorado State), Joanna Kitlinski (Grand Valley State), Alisa Ly (Univ. of Minnesota), Adetayo Mafe (Michigan State), Tyra McGrady (Indiana University), Kayla Morisoli (San Jose State), Kelsey Moss (Stanford), Catherine Parkhill (Armstrong), Maggie Reidy (Divine Savior), Seymira Salami (State College), Marie Timm (USMC), Catherine Turnerdrown (Riverton), Jessica Watkins (Stanford) and Brittany Woodard (Hyde School).

**Note: The team has changed since the original post. Jessica Watkins, Kelsey Moss and Stacy Bridges are unavailable and so we added Blaine Martin (Brown), Katie Johnson (Hopkins, MN), Brittany Rose (West Chester East, PA) and Rachel Sommer (West Linn, OR).

We are working on our 2008 Flight Camp and this is tentatively scheduled for the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN July 23rd – 27th. We are still trying to tie up the loose ends on this and I will make sure you get a flayer when we get it nailed down.

We will again send a developmental side to the U19 Invitational NASC in November.

Bryn Chivers
Head Coach, USA U20 Women’s National Team

**Just found an article on the web about the newly formed South Africa Women’s U20 National Team. Might not be the same team playing our U20t team, but nice to read up on their preparations.

**USA U-20 Women’s National Team Game 1 vs South Africa, go here.

**USA U-20 Women’s National Team Game 2 vs Developmental team, go here.

**USA U-20 Women’s National Team Game 3 vs South Africa, go here.

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