USA WNT Announces Team Traveling to England for Inaugural Nation’s Cup and New Events

Eagle Squad for Nations Cup Selected

The US has selected an elite squad to compete at the newly formed Nations Cup in August. Hoping to stimulate World Cup-like competition in the years preceeding the actual WRWC, England established the first Nations Cup to take place August 15-31, 2008. The national teams, all top finishers in the last Women’s World Cup, competing are: USA, England, Canada and Wales.

US Head Coach Kathy Flores is enthusiastic about the tournament, “As we get very few competitions, it’s extremely important for the USA to attend this tournament. Each international match we can schedule is vital to the progress of the team as we look to the next World Cup. We hope to be able to fundraise enough to make the tour accessible to the invited players.”

Flores said, “we chose most of the invited players from the last Elite Camp as we did a lot of specific training there and were able to evaluate the strongest players in competition.”

“The main qualities we are looking for at this level are: decision-making under pressure, attention to their particular positional requirements, a strong mental determination and compliance to our training program. With our limited exposure to international play, we need our fitness to be no less than superb.”

“As for goals for this specific tour, we always play to win, and especially because of our last tour record, we would like to post some wins and gain international experience at a high level. It would be fair to say that every game of this tour will be a challenge for us.”

Although the squad has been chosen for the Nations Cup, the WNT staff will be at these elite events reviewing player performances for possible additions to the pool.

National Guard Women’s and U-23 All-Star Championships – June 13-15, 2008 & Women’s Club Playoffs and Championships

Coach Flores said, “we are constantly identifying players that could compete at an international level, particularly at the NASCs. It’s important that the top level players identified from each territory not only play together but compete against each other to help them make better decisions under pressure. The combination of the Women and U23 sides, though not ideal, puts both USA “A” staff and WNT staff together to be able to discuss players and their possible inclusion, if they are not already part, into the pool.”

Prior to the tour, the Women Eagles will have a camp in Baltimore, Maryland in July 18-20. The Nation’s Cup squad and reserves will participate. The camp will be used to prepare the players for competition and strategies under the Experimental Law Variations (ELVs) that are to be rolled out on August 1, 2008.

Nations Cup Squad

1. Kristin Baja – NRU, New York
2. Stacy Baker – MARFU, Philadelphia
3. Jamie Burke – PAC, Berkeley All-Blues
4. Lisa Butts – PAC, Berkeley All-Blues
5. Emilie Bydwell – NRU, Brown University
6. Mel Denham – NRU, Beantown
7. Liz Dilley – MARFU, Washington Furies
8. Farrah Douglas – MW, Chicago North Shore
9. Ashley English – PAC, Berkeley
10. Blair Groefsema – PAC, Berkeley
11. Allyson Hemstreet – PAC, Berkeley
12. Katy Hertel – MW, Minnesota Valkyries
13. Christina Hobson – NRU, Morris Pride
14. Mel Kanuk – MARFU, Maryland Stingers
15. Ashley Kmiecik – PAC, Seattle Mudhens
16. Lynelle Kugler – W, Glendale
17. Kim Magrini – NRU, Keystone
18. Nathalie Marchino – PAC, Berkeley All-Blues
19. Desiree Markovich – MW, Minnesota Valkyries
20. Vanesha McGee – MARFU, Philadelphia
21. San Juanita Moreno – PAC, ORSU
22. Elise Myer – MARFU, Maryland Stingers
23. Jillian Potter – MW, Minnesota Stingers
24. Lara Vivolo – NRU, New York
25. Mari Wallace – PAC, Berkeley All-Blues
26. Sarah Walsh – MW, Chicago Northshore
27. Rose Whitmore – PAC, Berkeley All-Blues


1. Kristen Aliberto – MARFU, Philadelphia
2. Kassie Drey – MW, University of No. Iowa
3. Heather Jennings – PAC, Seattle Mudhens
4. Tess Kohanski – NRU, At-Large
5. Kristy Lear – MW, Minnesota Valkyries
6. Kati McCormick – MW, Univ. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
7. Saburah Posner – MARFU, Philadelphia
8. Beckett Royce – PAC, ORSU
9. Jessica Travers – MW, UIC
10. Sheara Williamson – MARFU, Philadelphia

Nations Cup Staff

Kathy Flores – Head Coach
Candi Orsini – Assistant Coach
Alex Williams – Assistant Coach
Dr. Lisa Bartoli – Physio
Sara Percy – Trainer
Ginger Stringer- Manager

Other upcoming USA WNT & USA A Events:

July 18-20, 2008 Eagle Camp
Venue: Baltimore
Camp in preparation for the Nations Cup

July 14-19, 2008 Can-Am Developmental Match
Venue: Developmental Can-Am
Venue Site: Toronto, CAN

Aug. 15-31, 2008 Nations Cup
Venue: England

Attending Nations:

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