Rugby Video Monday: USA Rugby Youth Promotional Trailer

Totally forgot it was Monday yesterday, between travelling and having a huge week packed full of rugby, it just slipped my mind. This week’s video is focused on Youth and High School Rugby and the grassroots movements that are slowly happening in surrounding cities and towns across the US.

While at NASCs 2008 I attended a short promotional session on NCAA Rugby in the US, it was a great talk and thanks to USA Rugby for putting it on. I tried to search for the video from that meeting, but couldn’t find it. I will keep searching and post it if I find it.

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0 thoughts on “Rugby Video Monday: USA Rugby Youth Promotional Trailer”

  1. This is a great blog!

    I am from Canberra, Australia. We take Rugby for granted, sometimes. Your video should be compulsory viewing all around the world. It is very well put together. I hope that it is successful. I, as an Aussie, hope that USA Rugby becomes strong, so that you guys become winners on the world stage and make our beautiful game stronger for your participation.

    Gatesy from Canberra (go the Brumbies!)

  2. Gatesy,

    While I can’t take full credit for the video, I was proud to post it on my blog so that everyone could view it! The video truly shows the majesty that is rugby…love it!

    Thanks for hailing from Canberra!



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