Rugby Video Monday: Rugby in the Olympics?

This video is getting posted all over the web and has over 25,000 views, so I knew it had to be posted! Thanks to Hoop from NYRC for sending it in, and I agree it gives me CHILLS too! Wouldn’t Olympic Rugby be just fantastic?

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0 thoughts on “Rugby Video Monday: Rugby in the Olympics?”

  1. Truth is that rugby does not deserve an Olympic place for several reasons – but the most important is the treatment of women in the game. In the US you really are spoilt as only Canada (possibly) treats its women players better. The IRB and individual unions have lots of fine words, but judging them by their actions is a different matter. Start with the fact that two of the eight “founder members” of the IRB did not even enter women’s teams in qualifiers for next years World Cup Sevens, take a glance at Scotland’s blatant sexism in their explanations, throw in funding issues in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, garnish with the English RFU’s jaw droppingly inept promotional campaigns… I could go on.

    On their other hand the IRB’s desperation to get in is a wonderful chance for the women’s game. If we can tell the IRB and the Unions – very plainly – that they can whistle for a place at the five ring circus UNLESS they change their attitudes and behaviour then maybe things might change.


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