WNT Fades in Second Half, Loses Nation Cup Match against Canada

WNT Fades in Second Half, Loses Nation Cup Match against Canada

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BOULDER, Colo. – Despite kicking off to an aggressive start, the USA Women’s National Team lost its final Nations Cup match versus Canada at Esher RFC in Surrey on Tuesday evening.

The U.S. Women held possession for the better part of the first half and continued to attack inside Canada’s end, but could not quite finish, sending both teams into the break with the score stuck at 0-0.

After switching sides, Canada caught the lead early 3-0 in the second half, off a penalty kick from Anna Schnell and try as they may, the USA Women could not capitalize on penalty opportunities of their own or push forward enough to retaliate.

As the game pressed on neither team could get the ball to drop in their favor and the game held at 3-0 until the 75th minute when Canada replacement center Mandy Marchak ran in for the first try of the game, with Julianne Zussman kicking the extras to put the team up 10-0.

Finally, inside injury time, Canada’s Maria Gallo finished off the match, darting 40 meters to seal a 15-0 victory for the Canadian side.

“We had all of the tools needed for a win and had great practices leading into today’s match, but we suffered because we couldn’t retain possession of the ball and in the second half we stopped going forward,” USA Women’s Head Coach Kathy Flores said after the game.

Canada will meet England on Friday, August 29, for a friendly rematch, while the U.S. heads home, with a 0-2 tally in Nations Cup play. The team’s loss against Canada came after an impressive display against the England Women, which saw the two sides battle it out to the bitter end, leading to a 17-14 final in England’s favor.

USA 0 1 Farrah Douglas (Chicago North Shore), 2 Mari Wallace (Berkeley All Blues), 3 Jamie Burke (At-Large), 4 Jillion Potter (MN Valkyries), 5 Lara Vivolo (New York), 6 Mel Denham (Berkeley All Blues), 7 Beckett Royce (Oregon Sports Union), 8 Blair Groefsema (Berkeley All Blues), 9 Kim Magrini (Keystone), 10 Kristin Baja (New York), 11 Nathalie Marchino (Berkeley All Blues), 12 Lynelle Kugler (Glendale), 13 San Juanita Moreno (ORSU), 14 Desiree Markovich (Berkeley All Blues),

Replacements: 16 Lisa Butts (Davis Women), 17 Stacy Baker (Philadelphia) – in for Burke @ 62 min, 18 Christina Hobson (Morris Rugby), 19 Liz Dilley (Washington Furies) in for Royce @ 72 min, 20 Katy Hertel (Minnesota Valkyries), 21 Mel Kanuk (Maryland) in for Moreno @ 65 min, 22 Ashley Kmiecik (Emerald City Mudhens) in for Marchino @ 55 min

Yellow Card: Kugler @ 47 min

Canadian 15 15. Julianne Zussman 14. Brittney Waters (Velox Valkryies) 13. Maria Gallo (At Large) 12. Stevi Schnoor (United) 11. Cheryl Phillips (Toronto Scottish) 10. Anna Schnell (Burnaby Lake) 9. Laura Stoughton (Calgary Irish) 8. Kelly Russell (Toronto Nomads) 7. Barbara Mervin (Velox Valkryies) 6. Jennifer Kish (Edmonton Rockers) 4. Paige Burdett (Calgary Irish) 3. Marlene Donaldson (Velox Valkryies) 1. Kim Donaldson (Burnaby Lake)

Replacements: 16. Nicole Tyminksi (Edmonton Druids) 17. Leslie Cripps (Saracens _Eng) 18. Heather Jacques (Capilano) 19. Katies Murray (Lep Tigers) 21. Ashley Patzer (Lethbridge) 22. Mandy Marchak (Capilano)

Tries: Marchak, Gallo Conversions: Zussman PKs: Schnell

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