USA Rugby Updates – Week of Nov 2, 2008

USA Rugby has been quite busy this fall season, here are a few endeavors they have been working on:

  • USA Rugby Launches ‘Rugby for All’

    BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby has officially launched its “Rugby for All” continuum, marking the first of several initiatives in the development pathway of USA Rugby players, coaches and referees.
    USA Rugby’s “Rugby for All” continuum has been developed to emphasize the breadth of opportunities in the game and promote rugby’s new image as a vibrant sport that centers around the core values of family, health, fitness and fun.

  • USA Rugby Releases Details on the 2008 Under-19 Invitational National

    All-Star Championships USA Developmental XV
    Sadie Anderson, Penn State, PA, Fullback
    Candace Barley, Maryville, TN, Flanker
    BrieAnna Barto, Summit, CO, Scrumhalf
    Toni Cattani, Kettle Moraine, WI, Flyhalf
    Lauren Danielsen, Summit, CO, Flyhalf
    Jozy Gessner, Summit, CO, Flanker
    Katherine Gray, Texas Tech, TX, Center
    Melanie Heinemann, Vernon, WI, Prop
    Katie Humphreys, Kent, WA, Lock
    Ima Isang, Oak Ridge, TN, Prop
    Katie Johnson, Hopkins, MN, No. 8
    Brook LeGate, Maryville, TN, Center
    Erin LeGate, Maryville, TN, Center
    Toni Lloyd, Texas State, TX, Wing
    Sophia Nolan, Armstrong, MN, Flanker
    Brittany Rose, Westchester East, PA, Lock
    Seymira Salami, Penn State, PA, Wing
    Catherine Scanlon, Summit, CO, Lock
    Lane Wagner, Traverse City, MI, Prop
    Brittany Woodard, Virginia State, VA, Hooker

    Head Coach: Bryn Chivers, Univ. of S. Dakota, SD

    Tier I
    Pacific Coast

    Tier II
    USA Dev.
    Southern California

    Note: Tiers determined by 2007 results

    November 22
    10:00 am South vs MARFU
    11:30 am Midwest vs Northeast
    1:00 pm West vs Pacific
    2:30 pm U-17 vs SoCAl
    4:00 pm Eagles Red vs Eagles White (Senior Women National Team Exhibition Match)

    November 23:
    9:00 AM Tier 2 consolation
    9:30 AM Tier 2 Final
    10:30 AM Tier 1 consolation
    11:00 AM Tier 1 Final

  • Movember: Men’s National Rugby Team Joins Movember to Find a Cure for Prostate Cancer in a Fun and Engaging Way

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The USA Men’s National Rugby Team is changing the face of men’s health this Movember by growing out moustaches.

    Movember is an annual, global charity event committed to changing the way men think about, discuss, and treat their own health issues, by growing moustaches for Movember (the month formerly known as November).

    Movember participation is fun and simple. On the first day of Movember, with a clean-shaven face, Mo Bros will begin the month-long journey of growing and grooming their Mo. The Mo thus becomes a conversation piece for the Mo Bros to talk with family, friends, and and even strangers about their new appearance and passion for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.

  • USA Rugby Hosts International Doubleheader in Salt Lake City

    BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby is set to host a doubleheader that features an international test between the U.S. Men’s National Team and Uruguay and a curtain raiser match between the U.S. Select XV and New Zealand Heartland at the new Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah on Saturday, November 8.

    “Having the opportunity to play two games in a great stadium brings added value to the experience,” USA Rugby CEO and President of Rugby Nigel Melville said. “When I visited Salt Lake City earlier this year, the community was extremely passionate about the sport and keen to host this match. Considering the amount of National Team members who have come out of this area and the amount of support from their rugby community, it goes without saying that we would be extremely interested in developing a strong relationship with Real Salt Lake and the Rio Tinto Stadium.”

  • Rookie Rugby: Just Pick up the Ball and Run with It!

    BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby officially unveiled its plans to build the youth foundation of the newly launched ‘Rugby for All’ continuum with the debut of Rookie Rugby, a basic non-contact version of the game designed to involve the whole family.

    “USA Rugby is delighted to introduce Rookie Rugby, a very safe, non-contact, easy-to-play game for both boys and girls. Rookie Rugby is designed to give young players a fun, safe and enjoyable sporting experience. The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn and minimal equipment is required. All you have to do is pick up the ball and run with it,” USA Rugby’s CEO and President of Operations Nigel Melville said.

    Geared primarily toward children from 6-12 years old, Rookie Rugby aims to introduce a new generation of fans and athletes to the exciting global game through programs administered through schools, community-based and state-based rugby organizations (SBRO), as well as USA Rugby national events.

  • Nigel Melville’s Blog

    For an insiders look into USA Rugby, make sure to check out Nigel’s blog.

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