More Scrumhalf Connection Videos – TX State vs Rice Div II Collegiate Rugby

Last weekend The Girl reffed the TX State vs Rice game in San Marcos, TX so I tagged along to video and watch some Div II Collegiate Rugby. The game was really good and was evenly matched, the score is a bit misleading at TX State 49 Rice 0.

I have decided that I will be going to as many games as I can and if a player strikes me as hard working or does something spectacular, I will be handing them a YSC Tshirt after the game. For this game I chose the Inside Center on the Rice team, Alice, because her defense was impeccable and she was a driving force for the Rice team. Congrats Alice!

Check out the videos below of some quick scrummaging before the game and then just the first half of the game.

TX State & Rice Scrumming – Div II Collegiate from Wendy Young on Vimeo

A quick video of scrum practice can reveal things that need to be tweaked or adjusted. Overall, good scrumming ladies! For a comparison, view the Austin Valkyries scrumming against the UT men here.

TX State vs Rice – Div II Collegiate from Wendy Young on Vimeo

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