2009 USA Rugby Division 1 Club Women’s Rugby Standings

Gathering the information for the Division 1 Club Women’s games is not proving very easy and so I have put together what I can find.

Thanks to YSC Intern Angelique for providing the CR1 info and the info from CR3 can be found on their blog here.

Feel free to let me know if any standings are incorrect as some of this is guess work. It looks like CR1 & CR3 are doing “league matches” and then the best teams according to their point system will represent at the Playoffs. CR2 is a little more complicated as the old West teams (Glendale, Austin, Black Ice and Sabres) are required to play 3 league matches and then will meet for a Central Region Tournament with Chicago and Chicago Northshore in a few weeks to determine their seeds for Playoffs.

UPDATE 9/16: I confirmed with Alex last night that the committee will NOT be choosing the seeds this year (possibly next year they will): “The chair of the Competitions Committee just confirmed that as this is the first year of the new playoff structure for the Women’s Division 1 Club competition, the current bracket with four seeds from each of the three CRs is appropriate. The CC will look at the results from this year’s playoffs and adjust seeding allocation appropriately.”

Competitive Region 1 (Pacific & Southern California)
Competitive Region 2 (West & Midwest)
Competitive Region 3 (Mid Atlantic, Northeast & South)
USA Rugby D1 Playoffs – Oct 24-25 – Acton, MA
USA Rugby D1 Championships – Nov 6-8 – San Francisco, CA

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15 thoughts on “2009 USA Rugby Division 1 Club Women’s Rugby Standings”

  1. CR3 is final now. NOVA, Atl, Phila, Orlando.

    Also, your brackets don't quite match what's on USA Rugby (in seeding order).

  2. the USA rugby tournament packet has the brackets a bit different with Seeds 1,2, 3, and 4 in this order:

    1 CR3 #1
    2 CR1 #1
    3 CR3 #2
    4 CR1 #2

    So, that changes who plays who.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I'm just wondering with the other two CR brackets have buys in the first round and why CR#2 doesn't have a buy at all? Do you know?


  4. There hasn't been an official explanation for why CR2 #1 doesn't get a bye…but I assume they based that decision on the performance of the teams in the past. Typically the West/Midwest are in the middle of the pack and haven't broken into the top for a long time.

    That is the only thing that makes sense…


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