USA Rugby U23 NASCs All-Stars – Santa Barbara, CA – June 11-13, 2010

Its time for the U23 NASCs in Santa Barbara, CA this weekend! The Senior NASCs was great with several upsets, maybe we will see the same with the U23s?

UPDATE: Both events will be streamed live online via, with the Men’s Collegiate All-Star Championships show on the USARugby channel and the Women’s Under-23s shown on the USARugbyII channel. I haven’t heard if USA Rugby will be Ustreaming these games, but YSC and The Girl will be there with the West U23s so we will try to video if USA Rugby doesn’t.

As always, stay up to date with scores here, on Facebook and Twitter.

See below for the schedule and each team’s roster.

Amanda Cleary – UMass., Amherst
Rachel Sachs – Syracuse
Evan Hoese – Radcliffe
Jill Lipari – Hofstra
Nina Eskandari – Northeastern
Katie Matthews – Bowdoin
Alyssa Baccarella – MIT
Jessica Peterson – Marist
Ali Pappas – Wellesley
Caroline Hunting – MIT
Emily Erdman – Wellesley
Amber Coutermash – Southern Vermont
Alana Melton – Beantown
Teresa Skelly – UMass., Amherst
Mary Sung – Beantown
Amy Cheeseman – UMass., Amherst
Erika Granger – MIT
Elsbeth Paige-Jeffers – Bowdoin
Liz Kelly – Rutgers
Rachelle Calixte – Radcliffe
Meaghan Reddy – Beantown
Maddie Vara – Wellesley
Krissa Wiechmann – Vassar
Naomi Oberman-Breindel – Brown
Kelsey Whitney – UMass., Amherst

Coaching staff:
Tony Brown
Bryan Hamlin
Kate Orlin
Josh Chason

Joanna Kitlinski Grand Valley State University (C)
Kayla Baron University of Northern Iowa
Morgan Johnson North Dakota State
Tiffany Gjestvang University of Minnesota-Duluth
Jackie Osborn University of Northern Iowa
Kayleigh Hitchcock Panther Women’s Club (Pittsburgh)
Gina DeFano Northern Illinois University
Caitlin Pixler University of Northern Iowa
Alexandria Jamison Michigan State University
Emily Cameron University of Northern Iowa
Caila Ney UW-Milwaukee
Theresa Trott UW Milwaukee
Becca Brown University of Northern Iowa
Brittany Houston UW-Milwaukee
Sarah Lipa U of Illinois
Mollie Martin UW-Milwaukee
Brittany Biedenbender At-Large
Chantell Boyd Grand Valley State University
Shannon Zweber University of Northern Iowa
Tyra McGrady Indiana University
Jackie Brown Illinois State University
Alisa Ly University of Minnesota
Michelle Wong University of Michigan
Melissa Lipa Northern Illinois University

Coaching Staff:
Steve Murra Head Coach
Sue Whitwell Assistant Coach/Forwards
Roger Riley Assistant Coach
Jennifer Murra Manager
Matt Rokes Trainer

Bennett, Hannah Drexel University
Bigelow, Elaine Princeton University
Brown, Brittany Univ. of MD
Byrne, Allison Drexel University
Cavanaugh, Erica U. of Virginia
Compito, Monique Virginia Tech *Unavailable due to conflict
Dayton, Rachel Kutztown
Dunnaville, Chastity US Naval Academy
Feinour, Brianne West Chester Univ.
Gouws, Tanya Univ. of Maryland
Hutchinson, Melissa Harrisburg Women
Johnson, Cheryl West Chester Univ.
Koplow, Grace St. Mary’s College of MD
Kriebel, Madeline West Chester Univ.
Lamm, Megan West Chester Univ.
Lee, Ashley Virginia Tech
Lucas, Kristen James River Women
Miller, Laura St. Mary’s College of MD
Monroig, Natalie Shippensburg Univ.
Nelson, Shantel American Univ.
Otto, Megan West Chester Univ.
Rooney, Kaitlyn American Univ.
Somerdyk, Moira Temple Univ.
Trujilo, Elizabeth US Naval Academy
Walter, Molly Univ. of Mary Wash.
Winter, Lauren MD Exiles

USA U20s (holding a camp as well as playing in NASCs, they have a roster of 40 as a result)
Hailey Anderson Summit, CO
Akalaini Baravilala Aliamanu Blues
Star Bollinger Cougar Women’s Rugby
Alexis Bonny Washington State
Megan Bonny Washington State
Ann Marie Bowlus UC Santa Cruise
Cassidy Davis U of Central Florida
Catherine Eichhorn Maryville, TN
Alexandra Frazier Jupiter, FL
Chelsea Garber Brown
Jozy Gessner Colorado State
Mileka Grager Washington State
Ellyn Grantham Fallbrook, CA
Keelia Harker Cougar Women’s Rugby
Becky Holmes Omaha Women
Danielle Honeycutt Hoke, NC
Katie Johnson Hopkins, MN
Brianna Klein Brookfield, WI
Mackenzie Lewis Mesa State
Hannah Lockwood Oregon State
Jasmine Mailo Aliamanu Blues
ElizabethMcCracken Nova Women
Kyandrea McKnight U of Central Florida
Mai Nguyen Brown
Brittany O’Brien U of Rhode Island
Jane Paar Navy
Catherine Parkhill U of Minnesota
Samantha Pinson Fallbrook, CA
Megan Pinson Fallbrook, CA
Brittany Rose Unattached
Rachael Ryan Wyoming
Andee Samborski Redford, MI
Jennifer Sandifer Navy
Wendy Sherman Colorado State
Rebekah Siebach Cougar Women’s Rugby
Shannon Steele U of Central Florida
Amee Svatos Canby, OR
Alycia Washington U of Connecticut
Sequoia Watson Navy
Holly Zoeller U of North Carolina

DeCarvalho, Juliana Mudhens
Esparza, Vanessa USU
Rich, Jessica USU
Ames, Pamela Sac State
Brookins, Laura OSU
Camacho, Martha (Zully) Cal
Chapman, Delaney UCD
Falk, Sarah WWU
Green-Mitchell, Siche UOregon
Greenspan, Jenn ORSU
Hamel, Brynn Seattle U
Lessman, Margaret Seattle U
Lewis, Jackie OSU
Miller, Mashawna (Mo) UCSanta Cruz
Morris, Kelly UCD
Munson, Nic Breakers
Pascual, Angelina UC Santa Clara
Reid, Arielle UOregon
Roselin, Lisa Sac State
Sanders, Megan Breakers
Scott, Claire UCD
Steele, Nicole UOregon
Terry, Kimberly UCD
Underwood, Mika WWU
Walentowski, Jena WWU
White, Liz UCD
Woolley, Shannon USU
Zier, Christina CWU

Ryan Carlyle, USC
Ashley Mitchell, UCF
Zoe Sanchez, UF
Kimber Rozier, UNC
Kate Daniels, UGA
Kendall Vaughn, FSU
Corrie Coates, FSU
Dana Meschisi, FSU
Samantha Lauring, Clemson
Mary Ann Reynolds, Auburn
Katie Lorenz, UNC
Danye O’Mahoney, Auburn
Carrie Moss, UNC
Martha Wood, UNC
Cary Trump, ECU
Kimbra Nicole Merchant, UNC
Wykia Kia Macon, FSU
Ashley Hogan Harmon, USC
Cattie King, UNC
Bridget Briere, Clemson
Madeline Wilbanks, Auburn
Amonae Dobbs Brown, UGA
Emily Chosewood, Parkview HS
Erin McCroskey, UTK

Nick James, Texas A&M
Katie Thompson, Airfoce
Rachel Chittum, Wyoming
Stephanie Furniss, Black Ice RFC
Julia Fortkort, University of Texas
Kayla Hammond, University of New Mexico
Kayla Kahahek, Texas A&M
Kara Davis, New Mexico State University
Jess Lucia, University of Colorado
Kat McLaughlin Colorado College Rugby
Kelley Storey, Texas A&M
Simone Lumsden, University of Texas
Rebekah Knappe, Colorado State University
Amber Glasrud, University of New Mexico
Sam Miller, Mesa State College
Tina Peterson, Kansas City Jazz RFC
Marissa Cohn, University of Colorado
Becca Wezensky, University of Colorado
Kandis Ruiz, Texas A&M
Autumn Murrill, University of Texas
Jade McLaughlin, University of New Mexico
Jess Garriott, University of Northern Colorado
KC Curl, Sam Houston University
Alex Davenport, Austin Valkyries RF
Bailey Johnson, Colorado State
Katie Metkus, University of Texas
Madison Williams, Colorado State University

Coaching Staff
Angie Cranmore – Head Coach
Traci Schmidtke – Forwards Coach
Wendy Young – Backs Coach

Jenna Anderson (UC San Diego)
Julia Anderson (San Diego Surfers)
Tia Blythe (UCLA )
Anita Bradbury (Santa Monica WRC)
Chau Bui (UCLA)
Rachel Castillo (UCLA)
Sophia Chang (UCLA)
Wing-Sheung Chui (UCLA)
Madeline Cooper (Fullerton Youth Rugby)
Andrea Foote (UC Santa Barbara )
Crystal Haynes (Las Vegas WRC)
Carrissa Hsieh (UCLA)
Yadira Ibarra (Belmont Shore WRC)
Genevieve Ireland (Orca Rugby)
Jacqueline Johnson (UCLA)
Klara Macko (Tempe WRC)
Rebecca Mendoza (UCLA)
Maria Morrissette (UCLA)
Amy Naber (Tucson Lightning)
Ella Naber (Tucson Lightning)
Angelita Ochoa (UC San Diego)
Christina Ramos (UC Santa Barbara)
Katie Seibert (UCLA)
Kristine Sommer (UC Santa Barbara)
Cassandra Tong (UCLA)
Emily Van Gulik (Claremont Colleges)

13 thoughts on “USA Rugby U23 NASCs All-Stars – Santa Barbara, CA – June 11-13, 2010”

  1. Posting again, but it will be broadcasted according to the USA Rugby site.
    Go NRU and the South!

    Women’s U-23 All-Star Championships
    Storke & Rob Fields, University of California – Santa Barbara

    All matches on Storke Field are broadcast on http://www.UStream/usarugbyII

    Friday, June 11, 2010
    Semifinals played on Storke Field
    1. Tier 2 Semifinals – Pacific vs. SoCal – 10 a.m.
    2. Tier 2 Semifinals – USA U-20s vs. South – 12 p.m.
    3. Tier 1 Semifinals – Northeast vs. West – 2 p.m.
    4. Tier 1 Semifinals – Midwest vs. MARFU – 3:30 p.m.

    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    5. Tier 2 Consolations – Loser of Match 1 vs. Loser of Match 2, 9 a.m. – Rob Field (not streamed)
    6. Tier 2 Finals – Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2, 9 a.m. – Stroke Field

    7. Tier 1 Consolations – Loser of Match 3 vs. Loser of Match 4, 11 a.m. – Rob Field (not streamed)
    8. Tier 1 Finals – Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4, 11: a.m. – Stroke Field


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