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Today the subject is about wasting time in the gym and occupying equipment while not actually using the equipment. We have discussed in the past how athletes have a limited amount of time to get ready for their seasons and a limited playing career. It is simply shameful to let a moment be wasted if an athlete wants to be their best. Waste not a moment for when that moment is gone it is gone forever. An athlete needs to understand that wasting time or horsing around is not what they need to be doing; instead they need to be maximizing the use of their time.

Standing around takes up space. Sitting on equipment while not actually using it takes up space. Goofing around takes up space. Taking up space is not what we as athletes need to be doing. We need to be working and striving to reach our dreams and goals. Only with hard work and effort can we improve our bodies and taking up space is not going to help us accomplish that. Do not stand around and take up space and do not waste your chance to improve.

When it is time to “put in work” there is nothing more disappointing for a sports performance coach to see an athlete standing around and taking up space and then getting in the way of the other athletes as well as hindering the workouts of the athletes who are actually there to ‘put in work.’

Either get to work or get out of the gym is the way that sports performance coaches should address the situation of people hanging out in the gym. The gym is not a hang out. Without even factoring in the risk of injury from people not paying attention to people who throwing weights around it is simply problematic for people to be in the gym who are not working out. So get to work or get out.

Most gyms do not have an over abundance of equipment or too much space. If someone is in the way of an athlete using equipment or open space then it actually detrimental to more than just the person in the way. This slows everyone down and keeps an athlete from working effectively or pushing to their limits and improving to their potential.

Be in the gym to workout, improve and get better. If you are not in the gym to do those things then you do not belong in the gym. The gym is a place for hard work, intensity, effort, sweating and pushing a lot of weight. It is not a social gathering spot or the cafeteria or your couch.

You are in the way if you are not working out. Work out or get out of the way. Understand this very simple rule and then apply it to your workouts and anyone in the gym where you are working out. Athletes needs to training and not wasting time. Get in and get out or rephrased, do your work in the gym to your utmost ability and then when you are exhausted and finished, leave so that others have the same opportunity.

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Article written by Spencer Aiken, CSCS, CEO, TrueFitness

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