Women’s 7s National Invitational Tournament

The W7NIT is being co-hosted by Beantown RFC and Brown University Women’s Rugby. (Actually, the Boston Belles are co-hosting with Brown, but USA Rugby doesn’t want us to promote the event using the name of a team that isn’t “official”…) Here are details for the event:

Flights: TF Green airport is approximately 15 minutes from the tournament hotel and field. Boston’s Logan airport is approximately an hour and 15minutes from the hotel and field
Train/bus: The train station is a short walk from the hotel, but to reach the fields you will need a car.
Car: Directions to Marvel Field are available on the Brown University Women’s Rugby website:

Tournament Hotel: Marriott Providence Courtyard.
Contact Helaine Gallagher, Sales Manager
401-752-3003, helaine.gallagher@crestlinehotels.com
Reference “US Rugby Championships” for the discount rate
Note: there’s a daily parking fee, but they will reserve 4 spaces for vans (provided when you make your reservations).

Link to directions to the field: http://brown.edu/Athletics/Brown_Women_Rugby/index/index.html
Parking available across the street from the pitch.

Score updated provided by Rosalid Chou who is playing with the San Diego Surfers:

Final scores from the day. Last match providence over philly 40-0.

Pool winners A – nova 1, B- Furies, C- Surfers.

Semi Finals:
Nova vs Boston
& San Diego vs NY

NOVA vs San Diego

Congratulations to NOVA as they defeated the San Diego Surfers 10-0 for their 2nd consecutive W7NIT title.

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  1. Why would USA rugby care who hosted the event, since they did not want anything to do with it. I think it is great that team stepped up and wanted to provide a venue for teams around the country to compete against each other. Boston Belles hosted a great tournament (Providence hosted a great social) and I want everyone to recognize their efforts.


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