WPL Week 3: Beantown vs Amazons Match Report by John Reed

Sunny, crisp and calm 48 degrees at kickoff

Ball-handling errors from both sides blunted early scoring chances for both sides thanks to a possible combination of nerves, manic defense and a dew-slicked ball. At 26 minutes, Kuglar wove in from 20 meters out to begin the scoring. Radtke converted to make it 7-0. Beantown tied the match with impressive and methodical forward movements and Bydwell finished it off near the posts. Jones converted at the 22 minute mark. The Zons answered 3 minutes later with deft passing and back play with Kuglar finally touching down near the flag making it 12-7. In which was to become a wildly entertaining first half, Beantown captured their first lead 14-12 with 7 minutes remaining. Blaney scored under the posts with Jones converting after a relentless, close-in thumping by their pack.

So as not to bore the crowd, Lundstrum made a crowd-pleasing score from 40 out to give the Amazons their next lead at 17-14 with 3 minutes remaining. In injury time, Hogberg ended the first half’s scoring thanks to a blocked Beantown kick in their end that began the movement. 22-14 Amazon lead at the half.

The second half began much like the opening half but with even fiercer forward play from both sides. Beantown’s pack and the Zon’s backs were the story in the first half and the Amazons continued that theme with Braaten scoring after a multiple-player movement making it 29-14 with Radtke converting in the 29th minute. With 23 minutes left, Radtke’s penalty from 25 meters ended the Amazon scoring and McCoy scored in the 17 minute with Jones converting to end the scoring. Amazons 32 Beantown 21.

The Amazon’s pack was raging in the second half. That and a monstrous defensive effort by both sides slowed each side’s ability to gain much traction. It was an impressive and spirited display by both sides.

Beantown starters
1. Jamie Burke
2. Emily Jones
3. Sharyn Wacht
4. Mary Sung
5. Sharon Blaney
6. Rachel Milligan
7. Kittery Wagner
8. Melanie Denham
9. Tiffany McCoy
10. Katie Dowty
11. Jenny Kuchar
12. Emilie Bydwell
13. Renee Astphan
14. Kate Orlin
15. Jessica Peterson

Amazons starters
1. Rachel Maas
2. Tonnie Wulff
3. Katie Wurst
4. Henrietta Hogberg
5. Anna Brown
6. Stefanie Morseth-Helmer
7. Amanda Kingzett
8. Sara Bakker
9. Nicole Benjamin
10. Rebecca Radtke
11. Maria Rye
12. Silvia Braaten
13. Lynelle Kueglar
14. Kaelene Lundstrum
15. Ashley Mulford

Once the video is uploaded, I will post here.

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