WPL Week 4: New York vs. Minnesota Valkyries Match Report by Jillian Brooks + Video

By Jillian Brooks:

A great game to start the second half of the WPL season on, both teams showed up ready to go to work. New York getting on the board first, rising to a team challenge, with a try from wing Vanesha McGee (just 1 of her 7 for the game). The Valks answered back only ten minutes later with a try from their wing and conversion made by Christy Ringgenberg putting the Valks up 5-7 early on.

The final score of the game was 48-26, so rather than write this synopsis point for point, let’s just focus on highlights. After spending a nervous five minutes down in points, NYRC came back to control the board and hold it for the remainder of the 80 minutes. However, the game was a fight start to finish, both sides entering breakdowns with full force, both defensive lines keeping constant pressure on the opposing side. The Valkyries spread their try efforts across their roster, while New York kept most of their points within the back three.

Heading into the bye week now, both clubs have time for some much needed recoup before the season’s home stretch. New York is set to play Keystone on October 24th in PA.

Cail – 1 Try
Chobat – 1 Try
Towne – 1 Try
Zdanczewicz – 1 Try
Ringgenberg – 3 Conversions

McGee – 7 Tries
Bussman – 1 Try
Ruggiero – 3 Conversions
Weikman – 1 Conversion

Week 4 Valkyries @ New York First Half from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

Week 4 Valkyries @ New York Second Half from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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