WPL Week 4: Amazons vs Berkeley Match Report by John Reed + VIDEO

Both teams provoked a lot of whistles in the first half-half consequently blunting multiple scoring chances. The Amazons were able to get their backs into space but a number of early chances fell wanting due to ball-handling issues. Both sides tackled ferociously and prompting a limited number of scoring chances for either side in the second half. Berkeley showed impressive movement with their forwards and at times they were able to swing it wide to their speed-laden wings and fullback. One such attack led to a late score by Irene Gardner late in the second half for Berkeley.

Berkeley, no stranger to comebacks this season, seemed slightly out of kilter owing to a line-up shuffle coupled with a staunch defensive effort by the Amazons limiting long scoring chances and ultimately securing the victory. The Amazons enjoyed playing at home for the second straight week and treated the crowd to a defensive gem the likes of which has not been seen in years, if ever.

Berkeley opened the scoring at the 35-minute mark (counting down) with an unconverted try by their captain, flanker Phoebe Boone from about 10 meters out. 5-0 Berkeley thanks to excellent control by their pack.

Amazons scored next making 7-5 Amazons on a pounding, forward-earned try by Sara Bakker around the 30-minute mark with Rebecca Radtke converting.

During the 5th minute, Kelly Griffin was yellow carded complements to accumulated infractions by Berkeley.

In the 3rd minute, Amanda Kingzett scored near the posts w/conversion by Radtke making it 14-5 Amazons.

14-5 Amazons at half time.

Midway in the second half Irene Gardner scored Berkeley’s second try at the close of an entire team-influenced effort. 14-10 Amazons.

With about 16 minutes to go, the Zons pack scored off a short line-out by hooker, Tonnie Wulff 19-10.

Final 19-10 Amazons

Amazon Starters
1 Rachel Maas 
2 Tonnie Wulff        
3 Katie Wurst 
4 Henrietta Hogberg   
5 Anna Brown  
6 Stefanie Morseth-Helmer     
7 Amanda Kingzett     
8 Sara Bakker 
9 Nicole Benjamin     
10 Rebecca Radtke     
11 Maria Rye  
12 Silvia Braaten     
13 Lynelle Kuglar     
14.  Kaelene Lundstrum 
15 Ashley Mulford     

Berkeley Starters

1.  Julie Kieu
2.  Ginna Brelsford            
3. Georgi Ellis
4.  Helen Behr
5. Katie Chou
6. Alex Boskovich
7.  Phoebe Boone
8. Liz Terry
9. Elaine Gardner
10. Ashley English
11. Nathalie Marchino
12. Lucy Croy
13. Kelly Griffin
14. Tisha Waki
15. Irene Gardner

Week 4: Berkeley @ Amazons 1st Half 10/10/10 from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

Week 4: Berkeley @ Amazons 2nd Half 10/10/10 from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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