The Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Premier League, Division I & Division II Championships

Welcome to the Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Premier League, Division I & Division II Championships. USA Rugby has finally released the bid packet! Here is some of the information, if you want to view the USA Rugby bid packet, go here. **NOTE: The USA Rugby link to the document keeps breaking so I created it as a Google Document. If USA Rugby makes any changes I will update the document.**

Quail Run Sports Complex
4155 E. Virginia Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85215

Matches will NOT be broadcast but YSC Reporter Candace Hall will be present. She is playing with Atlanta but will try to update the scores and details as often as she can. Thanks Candace!

The Coaches and Captain’s meeting will immediately follow check-in at 7:00pm at the Hyatt Place (1422 West Bass Pro Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201). This meeting will last approximately 30 minutes


Just like for the Round of 12, have a bit of fun and predict who will win in each league…go here.

16 thoughts on “The Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Premier League, Division I & Division II Championships”

  1. i have to say, i’m disappointed that we’re only getting this information now. we could have booked our flights differently so that, for instance, our coach and captains would be in arizona in time for the coach/captains meeting thursday night. what’s the delay in disseminating information to participating teams?

    • Unfortunately USA Rugby holds the cards and I can only post it as fast as I can get it. A few of use have been harassing USA Rugby for a few weeks to get these details…

    • I know that USA Rugby has been searching for videographers and unfortunately YSC can’t attend as we are getting hitched that weekend. I will email USA Rugby to see if I can any details.


      • Just heard back from USA Rugby…no webcast this year. I will actually be posting about a guest YSC correspondent, if anyone is interested, let me know!

        Free YSC gear for your help!


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