2010 NSCRO Women’s Collegiate Division 3 and 4 National Rugby Championships

The National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO) will be holding its 2010 Women’s Collegiate Division 3 and 4 National Rugby Championships on Nov. 20 and 21 in Cherry Hill, NJ at the home field of the South Jersey Rugby Club. The event is being hosted by the Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Club.

Competition in both divisions began in September. Division 3 has 43 teams playing in four local rugby leagues in New England, New York State, Metropolitan New York and Eastern Pennsylvania. While Division 4 has 26 teams playing in two local leagues in New England and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Div 3 Qualifying Teams
Region 1 Champion : Bentley University (New England RFU)
Region 2 Champion : University of Albany (New York State RC)
Region 3 Champion : Fairfield University (Met New York RFU)
Region 4 Champion : Drexel University (East Penn RU)

Div 4 Qualifying Teams
Region 1 Champion : Mount Holyoke College (New England RFU)
Region 2 Champion : Lock Haven University (East Penn RU)

Saturday Nov. 20
11am: D3 Semifinal – Region 1 vs Region 3 : Bentley vs. Fairfield.
12:45pm: D3 Semifinal – Region 2 vs Region 4 : Albany vs. Drexel

Sunday Nov. 21
11am: D3 Championship – winners of semifinals
1pm: D4 Championship – Mount Holyoke vs. Lock Haven

Field Location – Home Field of the South Jersey RFC, Cherry Hill, NJ
The field is on Evesham Rd. diagonally across from Virtua Hospital (Voorhees).
The field is close to the corner of Cropwell Road and E. Evesham Road, Cherry Hill, NJ. There is parking adjacent to the field.

For additional information about this event, please contact Steve Cohen at sdcohen4@mindspring.com.

About the NSCRO
The National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO, pronounced “N”-Scro) was co-founded by Steve Cohen and Chip Auscavitch in 2007 in order to establish an official organization to oversee the Division III and Division IV college rugby National Championships. These championships are a vital part of developing rugby in the U.S. as over 200 men’s and women’s teams are classified in this category (more than 1/4 of all college rugby teams).

Prior to 2007 these championships were still held, but managed independent from any union or organization. They were referred to as “East Coast Championships”. As additional teams and unions began to participate, NSCRO was created and the event name was changed to “NSCRO National Championships”.

At http://www.nscro.org you will find lots of helpful information, including historical results, policies & procedures, etc. Please feel free to explore the site and definitely check out the “Documents” link on the left hand side.

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