WPL Final Audio Available

I just thought I’d pass it along… I put the semi-final matches up on Beantown’s Vimeo site (the Beantown-Valks game is loading).  I figure you can pass it on to your teammates back home who couldn’t be here for the game…  I’ll try and get the final up as soon as possible.


Also, I’ll be doing a play-by-play of the match on a conference call line for those who want to tune in…

The match is at 3pm local time today, so dial in at 5pm ET.

here’s the dial-in info: 
the dial-in number is  866-365-4406 and the passcode is 6626102, followed by the pound (#) key.  

as far as i know, we don’t have a limit of participants on the line (or it’s huge like 500), so pass it along to whomever may be interested in listening.


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