LIVE BLOG: Canada vs South Africa (3rd/4th U20 Nations Cup) [ARCHIVED VIDEOS]

Welcome to the Championship Match and final day of the U20 Nations Cup. Watch the archived video below and remember to follow us on  Twitter and Facebook for even more live rugby updates.

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Referee’s watch is up before the game clock.  Game ends with CAN 32 SA 5

During the conversion a yellow card was issued to SA #8 from the try zone.  Not sure what for yet.

Correction CAN 32 SA 5

CAN #19 picked from the back of a ruck and leaped over the top to score with only 5min left.  Conversion by #15 is good.  CAN 30 SA 5

First yellow card is back on for CAN.  Still down one player with 8mins to go.

SA continued support and ball retention gets them down to 5m out.  Great ruck and thru the hands of the backs gets SA #14 Nanto scores!  Conversion is no good by #12 Pienaar.  CAN 25 SA 5

Another Yellow Card for CAN #16 Demerchant.  Referee told her to stay out of the ruck and she joined.  10min sin bin with only 15 mins in the game.

Yellow Card CAN #1 Stamatakis repeated team infringements. 19 min to go in match.

Great off loading for SA #10 and #15.  Unfortunate, knock on by SA. CAN scrum deep in own territory. CAN kicks to clear.

Penalty CAN for diving.  Referee chats with the CAN captain.  SA attacking in CAN territory .

Even battle for the ball.  Back and forth between both teams.  Play has stayed between the 40s.

CAN steals off of line out. Ball is kept in the forwards and #2 G. Pegg is able to punch it in.  Conversion is no good.  CAN 25 SA 0

CAN #11 Orr finds the ball again and takes it down the sideline.  About to score but SA #15 comes cross field and forces her in to touch.

SA kick off and an immediate penalty on SA for coming in from the side.  CAN line out with a drive.  Deep in CAN territory 22m.

CAN moves it thru the backs to the opposite side where CAN #11 ORR side steps one defender and drags another SA defender to dive into the try zone.  Conversion was no good.  CAN 20 SA 0

SA defense chances her down and steals it back.  Ball is kicks by SA, no knock on the catch by CAN.

SA knock on puts it in the hands of the CAN backline. CAN #15 Vestby with a great run off a dummy pass to her wing. Run all the way to the 10m.

2nd half starts with a SA kick off.  CAN 15 SA 0

SA kicks off to CAN. No real threat by either side, ball is stuck at mid field. Hard rucking and support by both teams. Whistle blows for halftime. CAN 15 SA 0

Overload by CAN (6 on 1) allows the wing to stretch for the try. CAN #14 Seifert first try. Conversion no good. CAN 15 SA 0

Big kick by SA all the way to the CAN 40m. CAN #11 plays the kick. Penalty SA for offsides. CAN kicks to touch.

CAN chip kicks over the SA defense, but SA #15 is able to touch it down first for a 22m.

SA goes for a cherry pick, very close, but knock on SA. Scrum 30m CAN attacking.

CAN wheels the scrum. CAN scrum inside SA territory on the 35m

Time was off for an injured player. Player is good, game restarts with a scrum to SA.

SA able to win the ball, but another knock on hands it back to CAN. Scrum 50m center. 16minutes left in half.

SA steals the CAN scrum, but slight knock on by SA.

SA working the ball back and forth still in CAN territory. Miss pass by SA allows CAN #11 to steal. Knock on SA, CAN scrum almost the 50m.

SA kick off, CAN unable to take it on the fly. CAN knock on advantage to SA. Nothing comes so scrum down SA 30m center CAN territory

CAN elects to go for points. 22m almost straight on kick. Kick is good. CAN 10 SA 0

Yellow Card #9 repeated infridgements (hands in). 24mins.

Penalty SA for offsides. Ref has a chat with SA. CAN kicks to touch.

SA takes a lineout. Ball over thrown and CAN takes control. CAN kicks for space and there is a knock on. Scrum down Can just outside the 22m.

SA #13 breaks thru and gains 20m before being brought down. Penalty CAN hands in. SA 10m out from scoring.

SA kicks off. CAN using their forwards in the back line. Lost forward and SA scoops it up.

Canada with support scores between the posts. Conversion by #15 is good. CAN 7 SA 0

Penalty SA for diving. Not 10 so an additional penalty to SA. Tap and out to the backs 30m in SA territory.

SA #8 picks from the scrum. Tackled into touch. Canada linout on the 22m. Backline kicks for field position and Canada enters SA territory attacking at the 40m.

CAN steals the ball in a ruck… out to the backs, but a knock on sends it back to SA with a scrum.

Another penalty on CAN. SA enters CAN territory.

SA tries to take the corner but brought down by the CAN defense. Knock on by SA, scrum CAN.

Knock on in the lineout by Canada. Scrum SA

Canada kicks off to SA. Penalty at the ruck on CAN for not rolling away. Lineout SA.

South Africa Roster

1. Katlego Moremi
2. Nonkasa Zwane
3. Nicole Flandorff
4. Elma Kemp
5. Noluthando Mbambo
6. Khayalethu Mambalu
7. Mpho Moloto
8. Shona Leah Weston
9. Nomzamo Ngcamu
10. Bankiesie Maserame
11. Nompilo Mtshali
12. Marithy Pienaar (Captain)
13. Judith Chauke
14. Nombaxo Nanto
15. Chrisna Van Slicht

Canada Roster
1. Demi Stamatakis
2. Gillian Pegg
3. Samantha Crandell
4. Cindy Nelles
5. Abby Goodwin
6. Ashley Snider
7. Paniz Pahlavanlu
8. Juhee Thompson (Captain)
9. Kaylie Stuckey
10. Dakota Weir
11. Cassandra Orr
12. Charlene Mocon
13. Bailey Campbell
14. Miranda Seifert
15. Megean Vestby

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