Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Club 7s Championship – Aug 6-7, 2011 – San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Club, California Avenue and Avenue M, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA 94130

USA Rugby: Lindsay Tiernan, (303) 539-0300 x 106
Host Committee: Paul Keeler and Betsy Ayala, (415) 362 1010
Match Commissioners: Matt Trenary

Matches will be webcast live at the USA Rugby UStream channel with the first broadcast match kicking off at 9am local time. NOTE: I believe this is only the men’s matches as the women are playing on Field 2. Maybe the finals will broadcast?

Thanks to everyone that has sent in emails to help sort this tournament out! It looks like we have all the correct teams in place now!

Since this is a relatively new tournament (made official last year) LAUs were asked to organize club teams at last minute this year. For instance the West received an email asking for two teams about three weeks ago…so some areas may have more seeds than others if they had more time and/or already had 7s programs in development.

Also note that NOVA had two teams and both teams qualified for the USAR tournament, but a eligibility ruling (based off Men’s 7s) only allows one team. Basically NOVA 2 would have had to CIPP as an independent team to be considered for the tournament. Fair or not? See the discussion here. Also, here are the most recent 7s eligibility rules.

Seattle Breakers
Jesenia Torres
Hannah Wadsworth
Iris Carrera
Erica Black
Megan Sanders
Haldre Rodgers
Amber O’Connell
Carmen Rivera
Stephanie Lang
Louise O’Rourke
Asinate Serevi
Brynn Hamel
Coach: Evan Haigh

Atlanta Harlequins
Tia Blosser
Rosalind Chou
Corey Fredericks
Heather Hale
Carly Harrington
Patty Jervey
Tristan Likes
Tasha Mannino-Dickson
Kari Morrison
Alana Padilla
Emily Smith
Suzanne “Cupcake” Uchneat

Coach: Jason Payne

Glendale Raptors
Taryn Brennan
Sara Edwards
Carol Fabrizio
Bethany Humphrey
Jessica Lucia
Jill Reilly
Nina Safane
Hannah Stolba
Colleen Tjosvold
Sarah Wilson
Bethany Zick

Coach: Laura Hertel

Belmont Shore
An, Julie
Bryson, Natalie
Buchfuhrer, Julia
Chang, Joann
Cunin, Tiffany
Fujii, Ai
Ibarrin, Yadira
McElfresh, Shannon
McInerney, Megan
Querubin, Precious
Rodin, Emily

Boone, Phoebe
Boskovich, Alexandra
Croy, Lucy
Gardner, Elaine
Gardner, Irene
Griffin, Kelly
Hegener, Hillary
Marchino, Nathalie
Quirindongo-Crespo, Maricel
Schukle, Jaymie
Terry, Elizabeth
Waki, Tisha

Boston Belles
Bydwell, Emilie
Clancy, Ashley
Eskandari, Nina
McCoy, Tiffany
McCoy, Tiffany
Miano, Danielle
Migliore, Lindsey
Milligan, Rachel
Orlin, Katherine
Peterson, Jessica
Powell, Stacy
Seary, Kelly

DC Furies
Beard, Jeanna
Bell, Katherine
Bernstein, Ida
Costello, Brenna
Gouws, Tanya
Hirschhorn, Elizabeth
Hogan, Julie
Kroury, Dre
Love-Schnur, Shaifa
Rhode, Lauren
Shipley, Jessica
White, Elizabeth

Alexander, Brittany
Atkins, Maganne
Hanson, Megan
Hildreth, Cade
Hoeck, Lauren
McQueen, Monique
Miller, Katie
Prime, Rachel
Schaefer, Alexandria

Aliberto, Kristin
Bennett, Hannah
D’Angelo, Collette
Foley, Christina
Hallinan, Kathleen
Hegg, Meredith
Hileman, Whitney
Record, Emily
Ridout, Erin
Sachs, Jane

San Diego
Badics, Nicole
Blue, Marea
Cash, Michelle
Corpus, Leanna
Fields, Casey
Griffeth, Valerie
Hartos, Kirstin
Lear, Kristen
Linsteadt, Marisol
Measures, Monique
Strohecker, Elizabeth
Wilson, Amanda

See the 2010 results here.

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