Did you Qualify for Nationals? We want your Videos!

First off, CONGRATS on qualifying for Nationals!!

Hey all you teams that qualified for Nationals…we need copies of your videos and a team picture! Since the YSC Media Team will be broadcasting the event, we want to make small feature of each team. Please send me ANY video you have by Tuesday Nov 8, 2011 to be considered. Send all video clips, youtube clips, vimeo clips, facebook videos etc to mediateam@scrumhalfconnection.com. Please also include a recent team picture. Thanks!

NOTE: WPL Teams, don’t worry about sending me videos, I will use the ones you have already uploaded!

Also if you could pass the word to your team, fans and friends that the YSC Media Team is broadcasting the games online, schedule here. We are working hard to bring you LIVE rugby and we greatly appreciate your support. Donate today!

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