USA Rugby College Sevens National Championships: Where Olympic Journeys Begin – Dec 16-17, 2011

from USA Rugby:

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby is proud to announce that Texas A&M University has been selected to hold the inaugural USA Rugby Men’s and Women’s College Sevens National Championships from December 16-17, 2011.

The first-ever true College Sevens National Championship will see 24 men’s and 16 women’s teams (a combined total of nearly 500 student-athletes) play in over 100 action-packed games over the course of the two day tournament in College Station, Texas.

The tournament will be used by National Team scouts and selectors to identify players that could be representing the USA in the 2016 Olympic Games.

“Rugby sevens has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two years, and this tournament will really be the first comprehensive scouting opportunity at the college level for the USA men’s and women’s sevens teams,” said Jim Snyder, USA Rugby’s Director of Rugby Operations.

“The Championships will be very exciting, but on top of that, many of the athletes have an opportunity to showcase their talents and plug themselves into the international pathway. We expect to see a number of these student-athletes in the Olympics one day,” Snyder said.

Representatives of the United States Olympic Committee will be on hand as well to catch a glimpse of the newest Olympic sport and the athletes that may represent Team USA in 2016.

The women’s teams will be chosen entirely by a selection committee. Those selections will be announced on Wednesday November 16. NOTE: They have not released the teams yet…. (Nov 21, 2011).

YSC Rugby
We will at the event all weekend (coaching Texas Women), we will provide live updates via Facebook and Twitter. Also come find us for a free YSC Rugby Athletic shirt! Until we run out that is…

USA Rugby is still finalizing the broadcast schedule, but it sounds like games on Field 1 may be broadcast. I am not sure if this will be for both days…Watch the broadcast at USA Rugby’s Ustream Channel. Since we will be there coaching, the YSC team will try to video tape as many games as we can and we will upload them to our Vimeo Channel after the event.

Schedule and Pools (Waiting on USAR to confirm teams)


Univ of Texas
Joy Adeku
Cristina Cintron
Julia Fortkort (C)
Rachel Haungs
Sierra Jenkins
Natalie Kennedy
Melody Liao
Simone Lumsden
Rachael Madison
Calista Moses
Autumn Murrill (C)
Nicole Noack
Wendy Sun

Head Coaches – Wendy Young and Jacob Lieberman
Assistant Coach – Traci Schmidtke

Emily Baugus
Rose Bernheim
Hannah Bushey
Vanessa Champagne
Joya Clark
Jackie Derocher
Marlene Dwyer
Katie Hathaway (Captain)
Emily Oor
Ferne Ryder
Meaghan Weppner

1. Morgan Arthur ’14
2. Olivia Garard ’13
3. Kristy Giandomenico ’14
4. Ariel Jespersen ’13
5. Devan Kreisberg ’13
6. Nida Leeuwenburgh ’13
7. Emily Miller ’12
8. Dorothy Mittow ’14
9. Mireille Pardon ’14
10. Hana Passen ’12
11. Lauren Rhode ’12 (Co-Captain)
12. Janet Thomassen ’12 (Co-Captain)

Coaches: Emil Signes and Chris Ryan

MC Anderson (capt)
Kelly Frank
Meredith Nelson
Pemberton Heath
Anita Obasi
Leah Berry
Brianna Kim
Danielle Loleng
Gwen Garcia

Coach: Dana Creager

Amanda Albers
Barbara DeLarm
Rachael Dickerson
Becky Grivas
Allison Hale
Celena Handojo
Sarah Hugus
Haley Katz
Tiffany Nguyen
Madeline Pound
Meredith Strunk
Caroline Walters

Coach: Vaughn Mitchell

Anna Bischoff ’12
Lizette Del Real ’12
Hannah Luke Edwards ’13
Brianna Ewing ’14
Gina Feracota ’14
Kristara Gipson ’13
Janae Henderson ’13
Aubrey Huey ’13, co-captain
Genevieve Ireland ’15
Laci Patiga ’14
Maricel Quirindongo-Crespo ’12, co-captain
Jennifer Sever ’12, co-captain

Ellen Owens, Head Coach
Brandon Sparks, 7s coach
Makenna Barris, Backs coach

Oregon State
Hannah Lockwood
Haley Dietz
Caroline Midkiff
Amee Svatos
Dani Riggleman
Isabella Hoffman
Ally Hoffman
Hanna Sprague
Victoria Brown
Meghan Mcguire
Liz Freund

Coach: Dave Dickson

Arizona State
Cat Conroy
Mariah Edmond
Julie McGuire
Kaitlin Sigado
Tyra Norlander
Mikayla Gilbert
Kylie DeMartini
Adriana DiMatteo
Kyla Roth
Lee Holland
Taylor Contreras
Kelsee Williams
Abby Vester
Kijana Gaines

Coach: Barry Carter

Boston College
Annie Abber 2013 Malden, MA
Josephine Bouquet 2013 Potomac, MD
Brittany Bruder 2012 Haverford, PA
Mayra Cardoso 2012 Dorchester, MA
Meghan Daly 2014 Arcadia, CA
Jackie Durant 2012 Dorchester, MA
Sylwia Handzel 2012 Webster, MA
Kate Mahoney 2012 Oak Bluffs, MA
Addison Powell 2014 Birmingham, AL
Stacy Reader 2014 Pittsburgh, PA
Thelma Rodrigues 2012 Dorchester, MA
Lily White 2013 Nantucket, MA

Head Coach: Ken Daly
Coach: Joanne Liu
Coach: Cristin Frederick

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