Six Nations 2012 – Schedules, Rosters and more!

2012 Captains - Photo Credit: @tryimages

The annual Six Nations Tournament is here again! Last year, England ripped through the competition and easily defeated Ireland by 31 points in the Grand Slam Final. England has won the title twelve times out of sixteen tournaments, so one would think they would repeat!


2011 Results
2010 Results
2009 Results
2008 Results


Ireland “Training” Squad
Christine Arthurs (Tralee)
Ashleigh Baxter (Belfast Harlequins)
Gillian Bourke (UL Bohemians)
Niamh Briggs (UL Bohemians)
Helen Brosnan (Highfield)
Lynne Cantwell (Exile)
Nikki Caughey (Belfast Harlequins)
Poppy Cleall (Exile/Bristol)
Fiona Coghlan (UL Bohemians)
Leigh Dargan (Exile)
Amy Davis (Blackrock)
Grace Davitt (Cooke)
Lauren Day (Cooke)
Eliza Downey (Cooke)
Ailish Egan (Old Belvedere)
Paula Fitzpatrick (St. Mary’s)
Orla Fitzsimmons (St. Mary’s)
Laura Guest (Highfield)
Laura Hailey (Old Belvedere)
Fiona Hayes (UL Bohemians)
Hat Hewitt (Exile)
Shannon Houston (Blackrock)
Aisling Hutchings (UL Bohemians)
Niamh Kavanagh (UL Bohemians)
Stacey-Lea Kennedy (City of Derry)
Glenda Mallon (City of Derry)
Alison Miller (Portlaoise)
Claire Molloy (Bristol)
Larissa Muldoon (Exile/UWIC)
Joy Neville (UL Bohemians)
Gill Nolan (St. Mary’s)
Deirdre O’Brien (Blackrock)
Heather O’Brien (Highfield)
Laura O’Mahony (Tralee)
Ruth O’Reilly (Galwegians)
Marie Louise Reilly (Old Belvedere)
Geraldine Rea (Highfield)
Tania Rosser (Blackrock)
Jackie Shiels (Exile)
Juliet Short (Exile)
Sophie Spencer (Exile)
Nora Stapleton (Old Belvedere)
Carol Staunton (Galwegians)
Jade Wong (Exile)

1 Tracy Balmer (Worcester)
2 Susie Brown (Richmond)
3 Caroline Collie (OA Saints)
4 Louise Dalgliesh (RHC Cougars)
5 Beth Dickens (Murrayfield Wanderers)
6 Sarah Dixon (Stirling County)
7 Tess Forsberg (Richmond)
8 Jemma Forsyth (Hillhead Jordanhill)
9 Katy Green (Murrayfield Wanderers)
10 Tanya Griffith (RHC Cougars)
11 Lauren Harris (Melrose)
12 Steph Johnston (RHC Cougars)
13 Mary Lafaiki (Cartha QP)
14 Heather Lockhart (Hillhead Jordanhill)
15 Alison Macdonald (RHC Cougars)
16 Lisa Martin (Murrayfield Wanderers)
17 Suzanne McKerlie-Hex (Murrayfield Wanderers)
18 Bridget Millar-Mills (Waterloo)
19 Kath Muir (Richmond)
20 Sarah Quick (Murrayfield Wanderers)
21 Lisa Ritchie (Carlisle)
22 Sarah Sexton (Murrayfield Wanderers)
23 Ruth Slaven (Murrayfield Wanderers)
24 Laura Steven (Murrayfield Wanderers)
25 Anna Swan (RHC Cougars)
26 Charlie Veale (London Wasps)
27 Lindsay Wheeler (Richmond)

Jenny Davies, Megan Yorke, Nia Jones, Caryl Thomas, Lowri Harries, Rhian Bowden, Shona Powell Hughes, Vicky Owens, Rachel Taylor (capt), Lisa Newton, Nia Davies, Sioned Harries, Jamie Kift, Clare Flowers, Sian Williams

Amy Day, Laura Prosser, Naomi Thomas, Elen Evans, Rebecca De Filippo, Ceri Redman, Phillipa Tuttiett, Charlie Murray, Caryl James, Rhianydd Morgan, Mared Evans, Aimee Young, Rosie Fletcher

Melissa BETTONI (Red & Blue Rugby, Debut)
Awa Coulibaly (ASD Rugby Monza 1949, Debut)
Elisa CUCCHIELLA (Red & Blue Rugby, 42 CAPS)
Eleanor VAGUE (ASD Rugby Riviera Del Brenta, 8 CAPS)
Deborah BALLARINI (ASD Mustang Rugby Pesaro, 1 CAPS)
Anita NESPOLI (ASD Rugby Riviera Del Brenta, Debut)
Sarah Zanon (Benetton Treviso, 10 CAPS)
Lucia JHA (ASD Rugby Riviera Del Brenta, 17 CAPS)
Sara Pettinelli (CUS Roma, 33 CAPS)
Valentina Ruzza (ASD Valsugana Rugby Padua, 2 CAPS)
Flavia Severin (Benetton Treviso, 26 CAPS)
Alice Trevisan (ASD Rugby Riviera Del Brenta, 4 CAPS)
Juliana BELL (Red & Blue Rugby, 52 CAPS)
Michela Este (Benetton Treviso, 19 CAPS)
Mariachiara NESPOLI (ASD Rugby Riviera Del Brenta, 5 CAPS)
Cecilia Zublena (Rugby Sassenage Isere, 13 CAPS)
Vanessa Chindamo (ASD Rugby Monza 1949, 1 CAPS)
Veronica Schiavon (ASD Rugby Riviera Del Brenta, 51 CAPS)
Michela Tondinelli (Benetton Treviso, 76 CAPS)
Silvia GAUDINO (ASD Rugby Monza 1949, 42 CAPS) – Vice Captain
Cristina Molica (ASD Rugby Riviera Del Brenta, Debut)
Sara BARATTINI (Rugby House, 37 CAPS)
Castellarin Clare (Rugby Colorno, 7 CAPS)
Maria Grazia CIOFFI (Rugby Benevento, 17 CAPS)
Manuela Furlan (Benetton Treviso, 19 CAPS)
Maria Magatti (ASD Rugby Monza 1949, Debut)
Elisa ROCHAS (ASD Rugby Monza 1949, 11 CAPS)
Sofia, Stefan (ASD Valsugana Rugby Padua, Debut)
Beloved VERONESE (ASD Valsugana Rugby Padua, 18 CAPS)
Paola ZANGIROLAMI (ASD Valsugana Rugby Padua, 42 CAPS) – Captain

AGRICOLE Sandrine (Rennes)
AGUERRE Dioni (Bayonne)
ANDRE Manon (St Orens)
BA Aïda (Bobigny)
CHOBET Christelle (Lons)
DI MUZIO Laura (Lille)
DUPONT Emeline (Lille)
EZANNO Hélène (Rennes)
HEBEL Marie Charlotte (Rennes)
LADAGNOUS Caroline (Lons)
MAYANS Marjorie (St Orens)
MERT Elodie (Bobigny)
MIGNOT Gaëlle (Montpellier)
PELLE Chloé (Lille)
RABIER Sandra (Caen)
SALLES Laetitia (USAP)
TREMOULIERE Jessy (Romagnat)
TRONCY Jennyfer (Montpellier)
YAHE Marie Alice (USAP)

England team: Kay Wilson (Bristol), Katherine Merchant (Worcester), Emily Scarratt (Lichfield), Rachael Burford (Richmond), Michaela Staniford (Wasps); Katy McLean (Darlington Mowden Park Sharks – capt), Natasha Hunt (Lichfield); Claire Purdy (Wasps), Victoria Fleetwood (Lichfield), Sophie Hemming (Bristol), Rowena Burnfield (Richmond), Harriet Millar-Mills (Lichfield), Hannah Gallagher (Saracens), Marlie Packer (Bristol), Sarah Hunter (Lichfield).

Replacements: Amy Turner (Richmond), Laura Keates (Worcester), Emily Braund (Lichfield), Isabelle Noel-Smith (Bristol), Georgina Rozario (Lichfield), Ceri Large (Worcester), Georgina Roberts (Darlington Mowden Park Sharks).

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