Deven Owsiany – Residency Begins at the Olympic Training Center

On Monday, January 17, two courageous explorers embarked on a journey that would change their lives, forever. Cars were packed to the brim with not only luggage but filled with hopes and dreams. From east coast to west coast these brave inviduals were prepared to tackle the long and laborious excursion.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that elaborate but Katie Dowty (Boston, MA) and Kimber Rozier (Chapel Hill, NC) started their cross-country drive very early with a few of their closest friends and family to accompany them through their drive.

Vanesha McGee (NY) and Kaelene Lundstrom (Bird Island, MN) flew out to San Diego and were the first to arrive at our awesome new home. Before I arrived V aka Vanesha and Lundy aka Kaelene were sleeping on the floors because our house was completed empty so they were obviously getting very good nights of sleep (sarcam). The house is finally getting put together and its feeling pretty homie and we’re ready to start training.

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