where are all the tulips?!

today is day 3 in holland. this is the most beautiful country i’ve been to. everything is so green and lush! i guess since the country is below sea level there is plenty of water to go around. unfortunately, we missed the high tulip season by 2 weeks. i’ve seen pictures of what the land looks like covered in tulips and am totally bummed we didn’t get to see the colors!
everyone rides bikes here..another reason i like it. the streets are packed with bikes and there are lots to park them everywhere. some lots are so massive that i don’t understand how people find their bikes!

we’ve had a few days of training and pool sessions. i’m feeling tired, but still excited about the tournament ahead. we’re staying in a hotel with australia, canada, and south africa..as well as a giant moon bounce! the hotel we’re staying in is pretty posh, modern, pretty. the rooms are nice and the place is huge.

so far so good in amsterdam. ready for a night of relaxation after an afternoon of walking around amsterdam.

Get all the details (pools, schedule & results) about the Amsterdam 7s tournament here.

1 thought on “where are all the tulips?!”

  1. Hi Vanesha and YSC. Thanks for liking our country. Good to hear not all Americans think like
    Bill O’Reilly.You girls played an exciting final and were soooo close, and despite the loss, you can be proud of your achievement.
    Have a question though.How different was the tournament this time for US, you’ve been at Amsterdam 7s before? Well, keep it up and hope to see you next year.


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