Men’s Matches Kicked off at RWC 7s – by David McPhail

1044341_10151690808207720_1139879543_nRWC Day One in the books!

A lot more people in the stands the I anticipated. They certainly weren’t walking around 15 mins prior to kickoff.

Games were good and had a front row / end zone seat to the whole thing with my photog pass, photos to come. Editor’s Note: Check out David’s photos here!

All the local food places were full from post match so I hit the local market and made a little meal and winding down. Kept hearing a boom noise and sure enough its a serious lightening show with thunder boomers one after another outside. That or the North Koreans are invading? Not much rain but crackling thunder and lightening, very cool. Should make the loose turf even more unsure for the shifty guys. A lot of guys slipping and falling on cut back moves. Surely more to come tomorrow with no cover on the grass (brought in for the event) fields.

Tomorrow will be a nice long 12 hr day of rugby. Ladies rugby from 9 to 2p and then over to the main stadium until 9pm. There is a huge stage set up for a band, not sure when they will be playing but maybe there will be a post match concert tomorrow? Certainly Sunday after the matches? I need to get Grant on to this!

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