Amazons vs. San Diego Surfers

Photo Credit: Ryan Siverson, see more photos at

The Amazons welcomed their Californian opponents this weekend, and Minnesota weather greeted the kick-off of the WPL season with perfect rugby weather. It was a cool breezy morning, 66 degrees at kick-off, the sky overcast and letting a few raindrops fly. Once the first kick was up however, both teams turned up the heat and got down to business. Amazons drew first blood with a great forward effort from Jamie Zarembinski, and after that the Amazon back line took care of added points to the score for the Zons. While the Surfers surged ahead gaining ground when they had the ball, turnovers plagued their ability to get into the try zone. After a half full of scrums and defensive battles, the score was 25-0 Amazons with the lead.

Photo Credit: Ryan Siverson, see more photos at

The second half brought more chances for the Surfers to put up points, including some big runs by Lauren Daly and line breaks by the flyhalf Hanna Lockwood. These efforts were stopped short however by the Amazons defense highlighted by a huge hit by Lynelle Kugler. The match ended with a final score of 62-0.

Jamie Zarembinski(1), Lynelle Kugler(3),
Kaelene Lundstrum(1), Nicole Benjamin(1),
Amanda Kingzett(1), Jacie Vonada(2),
Morgan Johnson(2)

Mel Krug(1), Rebecca Radtke(1)
Penalty Kick: Rebecca Radtke(1)

Match Video

2013 Week 1 Twin Cities Amazons v San Diego Surfers from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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