Beantown over NYRC in WPL Week 2

download NYRCThe New York Rugby Club (NYRC) hosted Beantown for the second round of Women’s Premier League matches. Though the first half was tightly contested, Beantown’s experience prevailed in the second half and the final score was 37-8 in Beantown’s favor.

The first scoring occurred closely after a retrieved kickoff, when Beantown’s forwards capitalized on a red zone penalty for the first try of the match. After the restart, NYRC capitalized on a Beantown penalty, and center Mary McCarthy successfully completed the penalty kick, bringing the score up to 5-3. NYRC then played a number of minutes within Beantown’s 22, however they could not convert their proximity into points.  At the 32 minute mark, Beantown sent the ball out wide and Alyssa Green carried it into the try zone. Kelly Seary kicked for conversion, for a score of 12-3. NYRC was quick to respond with a try by Lisa Roselin, closing the first half with a score of 12-8 in the visitors’ favor.

The beginning of the second half saw a strong start by both sides. However, Beantown began to disrupt NYRC’s scrums, creating forward momentum for the visitors. Beantown sent four more players (White, Denham, Kuchar, and Orlin)  over the tryline in the second half, of which one try was converted, and Emily Jones slotted a penalty kick in the final moments for a final score of 37-8. The third round of WPL matches takes place on the weekend of September 28th, during which NYRC will travel to Glendale and Beantown will play the Furies.

Match Video

NYRC vs Beantown from Women’s Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

1. Sharyn Wacht
2. Danielle McDonagh
3. Elizabeth Fierman
4. Mary Sung
5. Jackie Cairns
6. Lily White
7. Emily Jones
8. Rachel Mulligan
9. Jackie Hwang
10. Kelly Seary
11. Ashley Clancy
12. Jackie Rompre
13. Jess Peterson
14. Alyssa Green
15. Jenny Kuchar
16. Jaimie McFarlin
17. Sam Luther (@ 74 for Cairns)
18. Tess Kohanskit
19. Tara Roberts (@ 72 for Wacht)
20. Katie Mathews
21. Katie Orlin (@ 52 for Clancy)
22. Mell Denham (@ 40 for McDonough)
23. Ali Pappas

1. Naomi Oberman-Breindel
2. Jaimee Nelson
3. Rachel Hughes
4. Rosie Miesner
5. Lacy Higgins
6. Adria Orr
7. Autumn Neuharth
8. Jordyn Lexton
9. Jess Berry
10. Sophia Shapiro
11. Monika Rozkowska
12. Mary McCarthy
13. Nicole Humphrey
14. Erika Granger
15. Lisa Roselin
16. Skylar Neil (@40 for Hughes)
17. Sara Jones
18. Alice Ford (@ 61 for Orr)
19. Mel Pastuck
20. Blair Station (@ 72 for Berry)
21. Karen Lampe
22. Mira De Avilashin (Blood Sub @57 for Rozkowska)
23. Aisha Gearig

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