Raptors Roll Over Furies

DSC_0029The Glendale Raptors and D.C. Furies took to the turf at Infinity Park in questionable weather conditions for a Week 2 Blue Conference match up. It had been raining for three days straight in Denver, with the promise of more to come to add to the slick conditions any minute.

Outside Center Bev Sultana got scoring started with a line break and closely chased 60 meter run. Glendale Captain Hannah Stolba then converted, 7-0 Raptors. The Raptors’ forwards looked nearly unstoppable in the scrums and mauls, while the team as a whole played their best defense of the year.

DSC_0072Rachel Ryan, Kitt Wagner and Mary Pezzulo would all find the try zone before the first half ended.

The Furies seemed re-energized at the start of the second half but they were unable to convert that energy into points. The Raptors continued to outplay the Furies at the tackle contest, and to use the strength and fitness of their forwards to move up the pitch. Ryan would find the try zone again.

Just as it looked like Glendale was about to shut the Furies out completely, D.C. was able to slip through a gap in the defense and hit the try zone. Final score on the day, Glendale Raptors 29, D.C. Furies 5.

Match Video

Glendale v DC Furies Sept 14 2013 from Women’s Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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